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Wedding Seating Plan Photo Ideas

Wedding Seating Plan Photo Ideas

At Square Snaps we LOVE weddings!

Now that Spring has finally come we can feel that LOVE is in the air!!

If you are looking to make your special day an extra special touch, then why not look at these beautifully personal & creative ways to let you guests know where they will be seated on the Big Day!

 Mini Snaps seating map

You can use our Mini Snaps to create a fun game during the wedding reception. Think of it as a giant game of “Guess Who”.

Wedding Seating Plan Photo Ideas - Mini snaps


 Mini Polas Photo Board

With Mini Polaroid Style prints you can create an amazing photo board to let everyone know where to go.

Not only do you add a classic retro element to your reception,  but you even have some space write a little message or name at the bottom of each print.

Wedding Seating Plan Photo Ideas - Mini Polas board

Polaroid Style prints Table Map decorations

Or use our full size Polaroid Style prints to explain the theme of each table with a little bit of your love story and journey so far. Check out some more ideas on how to you Polaroid Style prints for your wedding here.

Wedding Seating Plan Photo Ideas - Table Map Polaroid Style Snaps Decoration Wedding Seating Plan Photo Ideas - Table Map Polaroid Style Snaps Decoration

If you are looking for a unique experience for you and your guests, we just fell in love with this idea:

Wedding Seating Plan Photo Ideas - Mini Polas

Individual photos of hand written guest names in Mini Polaroids prints, set into corks.

Hungry for more?

Why not check out our other ideas for weddings on our blog and keep checking our Instagram @Square_Snaps & Pinterest boards for more DIY tips, display examples and awesome photography to make sure your creative juices never stop flowing!

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All the best with your future creations!

– Square Snaps –


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