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6 Unique Places To Get Married

6 Unique Places To Get Married - Polaroid Style Wedding Photos

By now you might have picked up on the fact that here at Square Snaps, we love weddings. We love how they bring people together and all the amazing memories that are made in the run up to the big day, and of course on the big day itself. Our favourite thing about weddings is how unique and personal they are…which made us think about the amount of unique places to get married there are around the world! Here are just some of our favourites…

The underwater wedding

Maybe you met at a swimming pool, both took diving lessons, or perhaps you just share a love of the beach. Either way, water has brought you together and you want to make it part of your day – and what better way than an underwater wedding? The only thing we’re not sure about is how all your guest are going to attend. There’s only one thing for it: diving suits!


Don’t fancy getting your dress wet? Why not try and aquarium instead…that way you could invite more people too.


The treehouse wedding


A photo posted by LoveandLandscapes (@loveandlandscapes) on

For everyone to fit in a treehouse, this is again going to have to be a pretty small wedding…but it’s romantic and would give your day that proper fairy-tale feeling, so we’re thinking cutting your fourth cousin twice removed is totally justifiable.

We’d love to turn this fairylight walkway into a path of memories by adding our Spring Polaroid Style Snaps all the way along, starting from when you’d just met and leading all the way up to your wedding day! Need even more snaps? Why not use our Wedding Pola Pack!


The cave wedding

This venue isn’t for everyone (if you’re claustrophobic then maybe give it a miss) but a wedding in a cave can be an intimate and magical affair. It also means you don’t need to worry about the weather, which (particularly if you’re in the UK) is always a bonus! 

The art gallery

– Kacie + Michael, playing statues at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

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If a love of art is what brought you together, then this might be the venue for you…and how cool would this one be?! After all, there aren’t many people who can say their marriage has been witnessed by famous people (yeah, we’re referring to the people in paintings as real people…so what?)

The carnival wedding

Every kid loves the carnival…and most adults love acting like a kid again, so this idea is perfect! Fancy saying your vows on top of a ferris wheel? Why not! Our Vintage Polaroid Style Prints would be just the ticket for adding an extra pop of colour into what we’re sure would already be a beautiful and vibrant day!

When @my_angelic_creations decorates your wedding #forevergillespie #sneakpeek

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The library wedding

Since Carrie (almost) got married in a library in Sex and The City, we reckon library weddings have soared in popularity…and with good reason! Who doesn’t want to be married surrounded by some of the greatest love stories of all time – what could be more fitting?


We hope you’ve enjoyed our 6 unique wedding venue ideas – and that we’ve inspired you if you’re planning your big day!

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