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6 Save The Date Announcement Photo Ideas

Save the date original photo ideas

Save-the-date is the first announce of your wedding day, It’s a chance to give people and idea of what your big day will be like but remember it will be stuck on people fridges for nearly a year.  So make sure it’s something to remember. We are here to give you some inspiration:

Original save the date photo announcement ideas

1. The all important ring!

As it is commonly said, “If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it” And now that you have it, why not show the world right?

Why not announce this momentous time in style with a creative photo idea using your engagement rings.

Save the date photo- engagement ring idea

2. Happy family Save the date photo idea

Get you closest loved ones on board, even if they have four legs! Lot’s of couples are adding a nice touch with their children or pets in their photo.

Save the date - Photo family idea

3. You said yes photo idea

Yes! He or She has proposed and you said yes! Shout it to the world!

Save The Date - you said yes idea

4. The simple ‘pay attention to the date & write down’ photo idea

Using the shadow effect. It’ simple and effective. fingers crossed it’s sunny or it’s going to cost a small fortune to hire in a Sun! #WeddingBudgetBlown

Save The Date Photo - Shadow effect idea

As Leonardo Da Vinci said – Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And we agree!

Save the date photo - simple ideas

You can also use objects like balloons or old discs for a timeless or retro vibe.

Save the date photo balloons idea


 Or actually write on anything you fancy…

Save the date photo ideas

Even your shoes…
Save the date photo idea - write on your shoes

Or just write it on your body!

Save The Date photo original ideas

5. At the end  of the day it’s all about being yourselves

How about create a funny original collage ( they would look amazing on our Original Square prints)

Save the date collage photo idea

6. Celebrate your love story for what it deserves!

It’s your engagement and it can be however you want it!

Save the date original photo ideas

Just remember you need to print out your save the date… and we know a really good personalised printing service… All of these photos would look amazing on any of our products from Mini Snaps and Polaroid Style Snaps to Super Snaps!

Also remember that a Thank you photo card is also a great idea check some more original examples on our Pinterest Board:

Follow Square Snaps’s board Polaroid Style Wedding ideas on Pinterest.

Tell us which one is your favourite, or make sure to tag us in #SquareSnaps @Square_Snaps & share your happy news with the world!
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