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#SummerThrowBackSnaps Photo Competition

#SummerThrowBackSnaps Instagram photo competition

Close your eyes…

Let’s take a tour around our memories…

Let’s remember that summer…that one that is stuck on your mind as the best of your life…


That one moment when you meet that person, friend or loved one that change your life…


The summer that you finally jump from that high impossible rock.


The July that you went on that crazy road trip with your friends.



All those amazing moments should be remembered, printed and kept forever!


Make a tribute to all those amazing past summer memories! They really deserved to be remember and shared with the world!

This June we are running an Instagram photo competition, where we would like to see the best of your past summer memories.

Enter for a chance to win:

 £50 a voucher to use in any of our products!

That is 172 Mini Polas, 135 Polaroid Style Snaps or 121 Original Snaps. It’s up to you!

To participate just upload your summer memory and use the hashtag #SummerThrowBackSnaps, mention us and explain why that summer or that moment was so special!

Check T&C here

#SummerThrowBackSnaps Instagram photo competition


We are expecting a lot of beautiful, fun photos with family, friends sun and even ice-creams!

You have until the 21st of Jun to participate!

 Let’s celebrate the Summer Solstice by remembering the best summer of the past on the longest days of the year!

 We are waiting for your summer memories!

#LifeIsAllAboutTheMemories #SummerThrowBackSnaps

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