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Personalising PPE – HEROES and Super Snaps

NHS HEROEs collaboration with Super Snaps

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire world, and it’s been the toughest time imaginable for many…especially our healthcare workers. That’s why we wanted to share a little positive update on a collaboration we’ve been involved in with HEROES, the charity “founded by NHS workers, for NHS workers”.

A little background on HEROES

HEROES was co-founded by Dr Dominic Pimenta and is backed by a host of celebrity ambassadors. They’re on a mission to support the welfare and wellbeing of NHS staff as they fight COVID-19.

HEROES have made a massive impact on the healthcare heroes of the NHS, from doctors and nurses to cleaners and porters. They’ve partnered with brands such as Addison Lee and Estée Lauder as well as local businesses to provide meals, transport, and much-needed support to all those working on the frontline.

How we connected with HEROES

We were first introduced to the team at HEROES on Twitter! One of our fabulous customers suggested that we might be able to help with printing photos to be used on PPE suits. Naturally, we wanted to do anything we could to help. After a little back and forth over design ideas, together we came up with the HEROES Polaroid Prints.

The idea behind the prints

The HEROES Polaroid Prints allow frontline staff to upload their photos which we then turn into prints to wear outside their PPE. The idea for this was two-fold. First, the prints would help NHS workers feel seen behind their masks. Second, we hoped they’d provide comfort to those receiving treatment for COVID-19 by allowing them to see the faces of those caring for them.

The snaps also include space for each NHS worker to write their name before attaching their print to their suit…another little touch of personality! 

Fabulous feedback

We recently received some fabulous feedback from one NHS team using the HEROES Prints and wanted to share the amazing photos with you! So for your little ray of sunshine today, here are some snaps of the Buckingham Healthcare NHS Trust wearing their HEROES Polaroid Prints and helping save lives whilst doing it!

We wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to the team in Buckingham! We’re so proud that our little company has provided the prints which we hope will be positively affecting both NHS staff and coronavirus patients.

THANK YOU also to all other NHS workers keeping us safe throughout this uncertain time. We so appreciate our NHS!

How to order your HEROES Prints

Don’t forget, if you are an NHS worker you are also entitled to free HEROES Polaroid Prints. To order, email with the number of prints you need for your team. The team at HEROES will send you a code to order for free! Don’t forget to share with us too – we love seeing the impact the prints are having!

Psst…if you’re needing even more of a pick-me-up, check out some of our creative DIYs.

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