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I guess I should introduce myself, it’s only polite. I’m Liam the General Manager here at Square Snaps. It’s my job to listen to you, our fans and customers. With the aim to offer the best super easy photo printing service possible. Think of me as a conductor of a photo printing orchestra or the head wizard stirring a giant magic spell that produces amazing polaroid style prints.

We have been looking at our international shipping and talking to customers across the globe. We have known for a while that our international shipping costs have been hard on the wallet. Well, for Square Snaps, this is changing today.

The nature of a startup business is that sometimes we don’t benefit from discounts that bigger companies can offer. Therefore, we had to charge more for shipping than we would have liked to. In the business world, it’s called economies of scale. Bigger companies can get better rates, but sometimes they don’t pass these saving on to you… the customer.

Thanks to our customers trusting us to print their favourite pictures from Instagram or any device. We have been able to work with DHL to send out all our international orders and massively reduce the cost of sending you your prints.

Savings for you, our customers…

Here is the best bit… We are passing that saving on to you. From today, we have reduced our international shipping by £5. That’s enough to buy you a pint of beer (in a London pub), half a month of music of Spotify premium, five double cheeseburgers or even 13 extra polaroid style prints! So, for £2.99 we will post your pictures anywhere in the world.

It gets better for our US fans…

By partnering with DHL, we are able to offer an express service to the US. For only £6.99 (around $10) we can get your photos to you within 4 working days. So if you order on Monday you could have your prints by Friday. Meaning that emergency personalised wedding seating plans or a surprise gift for a loved one can make it all the way from London in time. The express service also comes with DHL tracking some you can follow your photos journey across the Atlantic.

Currently, we are offering Express shipping to the US. Our aim is to offer express shipping globally in the near future.

New US$ prices on the

We have also added US$ pricing to the site. The pricing is to act as a guide and is calculated on that day’s exchange rate. Your bank or PayPal might charge you a different amount based on their £GBP – US$ rates.

Don’t be a stranger…

We love hearing from you and if you have any questions, suggestions or comments feel free to talk to us on Facebook or by email.

All the best

Liam S

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