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10 ways to display Polaroid Style Snaps in your room

10 ways to decor your room with Polaroid Style Snaps

So, once again September is in full swing and the summer break is fading into a distant memory… yes, it is sad but true! Now you have packed up your stuff and left home, it’s time to start a new adventure and a chance to show off your awesome summer memories. Play around with your artistic flair and personalise your university dorm room.  You can take with you all the memories of home and of friends you left behind.

We are always blown away by our customers creativity. Check out 10 ideas that our customers have already created to help inspire your new dorm room.

Idea 1: Photo display kit

Create a photo survival kit, so when you are feeling a bit homesick you can just look up and above you is a row of smiling faces from your loved ones.

Polaroid Style Prints - Uni Ideas


Don’t forget to include your photos, some mini pegs, sharpies (of every colour of course) and some lovely fancy string to hang them on.

Polaroid Style Snaps| Square Snaps


You can eve mix up some of our products too! This example uses our Black Polaroid Style Snaps and Mini Polas.

Black Polaroid Style prints and Mini Poals |Square Snaps


Polaroid Style Prints| Uni decorations| Square Snaps


Idea 2:  Photo Bunting

Bunting is used everywhere in the summer – you can’t escape it sometimes. So give your room that summer vibe with your own photo bunting, you can mix it in with flags or fairy lights.

polaroid Style Prints | Square Snaps| Decp Room


Polaroid Style Snaps| Square Snaps| Display ideas


Idea 3: Create a Pinboard

Create a pinboard. Maybe you are sharing a dorm room and your new roomy doesn’t want anything on their side of the room. Just pin or stick them onto your wall. You can also use them to help you with revision. Associate a picture with an important fact. That crazy night out in the big city  = X+(YxZ)

Polaroid Style Snaps - Square Snaps


Idea 4: Show your travelling memories

Add to a display. Maybe your travel game has been strong this summer, so it’s a great way to show off what an awesome time you’ve had to all your new friends.

Polaroid Style Snaps- Square Snaps


Adding photos to a world map is a great display idea for all your travel memories

Polaroid Style Snaps - World Map


Idea 5: Add colour to your room

We know you can’t paint your dorm but our Vintage prints and Limited Edition frames can add a splash of much-needed colour. Look out for our TripiCOOL prints till Mid October and our new limited edition ranges coming soon.

Vintage Polaroid Style Snaps - Pastel Polaroid Style prints




Idea 6: Stick them!

OCD has kicked in and everything has its place especially your pictures on the wall.

Polaroid Style Prints|Square Snaps


Polaroid Style ideas for uni| Square Snaps


 Idea 7: Turn Polaroid style prints into a shape

Add a little more love to your room with your own picture heart or even words of ‘love’.

Vintage Polaroid Style Snaps| Square snaps


Mini Polaroid| Square snaps


Idea 8: Stunning verticle display

Coloured ribbon makes for a cool vertical display

Polaroid Style Snaps | Square Snaps


Idea 9: Washi Tape it

Use fun and colourful washi tape to display your photos in the walls

Polaroid Style Snaps | Washi-Tape| Square Snaps


Idea 10: Put a frame on it

Some dorms won’t let you hang things so why not pop your pics in a frame and prop it against your wall.  Our Black polaroid Style Prints with a black frame really help your memories to stand out.

Black Polaroid Style Prints| Frame| Square Snaps


Tiny space? Don’t panic, our Mini Polas fit in tiny frames too.

Mini Polas| Polaroid Style| Square Snaps


Now it’s your time to be creative! Remember that we love to share our customers photos. Just share them on Instagram tagging us @square-snaps and using #squaresnaps too!

Vintage Polaroid Snaps| Square Snaps


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