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World Photography Day

Photography Day - Square Snaps

Happy Photo Day Everyone!

The19th of August is #WorldPhotoDay so of course being a photo printing company, we are celebrating!

Photography is our passion so we didn’t want to let today pass by without doing something a little extra special for all the other Photography lovers out there.

Because there is something magical about keeping your memories printed.Photography Day - Square Snaps - Umbrella

Photography remind us to look the beauty and extraordinary in the ordinary and every day.

Photography Day - Square Snaps - Photographers

It encourages us to enjoy and treasure every moment

Photography Day - Square snaps- Taking pictures

Photography helps us to look deeper.

Photography Day - Square Snaps - every picture tells a story

And explains stories in a different way that is individual to each photographer.


Photography pushes your limits of experimentations and challenges your creative skills.

Photography Day - Square Snaps - true lens of the camera

Giving us the opportunity to come back to all those moments gone by and experience the moment all over again.

Photography Day - Square snaps Return to a moment otherwise gone

Especially when you have printed them and you can literally hold those moments in your hands! Don’t allow your memories to go to waste hiding in the depths of your device’s gallery.

Photography Day - Square Snaps - Photography instant

At the end life has a lot of similarities to a photography don’t you think?

Photography Day - Square Snaps- Life is like a camera

So, just Live, Love and Take Pictures!

And after that, just allow us to help you keep all those moments printed so you can cherish them forever.

To celebrate this, use the code Photographyday20 valid until midnight (British Summer Time) on 19th of August to print your most precious memories with a 20% off voucher code in any of our Square Snaps Products.

You can even log into your Instagram and upload your images to print straight from your posted image collection of memories you wanted to share with everyone!

Keep snapping and see you around soon!

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