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Here in the UK, Spring is approaching – it may not always look like it, but it is, we promise! To remind you that the sun is on its way, we’ve pulled together five of our absolute favourite wanderlust-inspiring Instagram accounts to give you some inspiration for your own Spring photography (which will hopefully include some sun…Note: this is not a guarantee).

The Globe Wanderer

From sea to snow, The Globe Wanderer collects together photos which make you want to book a plane ticket…right now.

Follow @theprotraveler for the most amazing travel shots! @theprotraveler New York City | By @scottlipps

A photo posted by The Globe Wanderer (@theglobewanderer) on

Our Planet Daily

Follow Our Planet Daily for some seriously awesome nature photography which is brought to you (you guessed it)…daily. If you ever needed a reminder that the earth is super cool, definitely check it out.

Lempäälä, Finland | Photography by © @mikkolagerstedt. #OurPlanetDaily A photo posted by @ourplanetdaily on

Fantastic Earth

Not only does this account feature great photography from all over the world, it also has some insanely cute animal pictures. Because who doesn’t love puppies in the snow? And tiger cubs? And baby turtles? And penguins!

Follow @worlderlust for great photos such a this one by @vlagios. Via: @worlderlust.

A photo posted by Awesome Nature Animals Travel (@fantastic_earth) on

 National Geographic Travel

It’s National Geographic – need we say more?

Three Days of Water, photograph by @ladzinski [3 of 10] A colorful sunset illuminating the sky and walls of Bighorn Canyon in southeast Montana. In an area that receives 18-20 inches of rain fall annually, the Bighorn River serves as critical resource for local wildlife. Sponsored by @StellaArtois: With a lack of access to clean water throughout the world, people spend hours each day collecting water for their families, stifling their chances for opportunities such as education and employment. @StellaArtois has partnered with @Water to help raise awareness of the global water crisis in developing countries, and is donating proceeds from the purchase of all limited-edition Chalices to help give clean water to those in need. For each chalice sold, you can help provide 5 years of clean water for a woman and her family in the developing world. A photo posted by National Geographic Travel (@natgeotravel) on

 The Photo Society

A collective Instagram account for over 160 National Geographic photographers. Do we wish we were included in the list? Uh – yes. But for now we’re happy just scrolling through their awesome snaps. 

Hopefully our collection of five faves to follow has given you some inspiration, rather than just green envy. Go out and capture your own snaps!…But don’t leave them on your phone or Instagram – print them out for everyday inspiration with Square Snaps!

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