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A look back at Polaroid…and why our Polaroid Prints are the new snaps for you!

When you hear the name ‘Polaroid’ and you’re over 30, you might have flashbacks to family holidays and trying not to use up all the film on the first day. You might also think of the ‘new retro’ vibe – the resurgence of all things retro we’ve seen in recent years, including vinyl, the old Nintendos, arcade games and (of course) the instant print. This retro resurgence is driven perhaps by a backlash against the relentless march of technology and a desire to reclaim the physical and the analogue form.

The first instant camera was conceived way back in 1943 by Edwin Land, the creator of Polaroid. The idea actually formed when his young daughter enquired on holiday why she couldn’t see the photo he had taken of her straight away! What a jolly good question!

Polaroid has seen some changes over the years, but with Polaroid Originals launching in 2017, selling refurbished vintage cameras and new instant film, the Polaroid love is back and here to stay. We certainly know our customers love the retro format.

When you think of Polaroid, you probably also think of  a singular print format. Although Polaroid have released cameras which allow you to both instantly print and digitally save your photos, it is the uniqueness of the physical print which many people love. That being said, this doesn’t quite match up with the age of smartphone photography and photo sharing we’re in today. That’s where new ideas come in, such as our new Polaroid Prints!

That’s right – we’ve paired up with Polaroid to allow you to print any of your digital photos in the authentic Polaroid print format you know and love…whether they’re from your phone, your camera, Facebook, or even Instagram!

It could be argued that Polaroid was the original social media, encouraging users to share the instant photo prints! Sharing your photos with the people you know and love is super special and we don’t think there’s a better way to do that than with our personalised Polaroid Prints.

Classic Polaroid Prints

These Classic Polaroid Prints are Polaroid prints as you know and love them – ultra high quality, classic shape, size and finish. Glossy black backs and a raised photo portion are sure to make your prints look legit, whichever angle you’re viewing them from. Show them off – create Polaroid bunting, place names, a Polaroid print wall collage, or use them for adding in your journal or photo books! You can even add text to your Polaroid photos – just type in a caption!

Polaroid print with white borders - blog image 1

Check out the detail on these prints…they look like you’ve just taken them on a Polaroid camera!

Front and back view of Polaroid Prints - textured fronts and a glossy black back

Mini Polaroid Prints

The younger sibling of the Classic Polaroid Print, these smaller Mini Polaroid Prints take the Polaroid look and make it cuter…it is possible. They still come with all the Polaroid print features like the glossy black back, but in a petite size so you can store them in your wallet. What’s not to like? Mix them into a collage with the classic size for a funky wall display, slip them into birthday cards, or display them on your shelf in their super cute Polaroid-inspired packaging.

mini polaroid prints - yellow background with white mini polaroid prints shown

Check out those textured borders…

Mini Polaroid prints with textured cross borders

You can even upload from Facebook or Instagram to create your Polaroid Prints – it’s never been easier! If you want the retro look but on a budget, try our Retro Prints which are printed on a premium 350 GSM photo card stock, so they’re strong and sturdy. They don’t have the black backs and raised photo portion, but if you’re looking for a look-a-like they’re the ones for you! Check our our Custom Retro Prints too for the option of adding border colours and patterns to your prints!

We hope you love these little guys as much as we do! Keep an eye out for our new Polaroid products soon…exciting!

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