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Photography locations: Hidden derelict london

If you are an amateur photographer looking to practice and experiment, a professional photographer looking for cool London photography locations or background or just looking for an adventure, then check out derelict London. A vast list of the capitals derelict buildings and areas, compiled by London’s most inquisitive urban explorers, shining light to a forgotten past of how life was in yesteryear London.

This is not the tour for your average tourist.

This is Hidden derelict London

Derelict london

Become an Urban Explorer!

If you find a place that you are interested in, it is worth doing some extra research into the current status of the building and accessibility. Either using google maps or a google search, for example the pictures of Marshall St Baths show it before a £25million rejuvenation project by Westminster City Council.


 Old Marshall Street Leisure Centre



Marshall Street Leisure Centre


If you do not fancy making the trip on your own, or want to have a more informed day out you can always join a guided tour by Paul Talling, the website founder. They leave from; Limehouse & Popular, River Fleet, River Westbourne, London Docks, Royal Woolwich Dockyard & Royal Arsenal Canal, Isle of Dogs, the Grand Surrey Canal & The Lost Rivers of Hampstead.

Remember to take loads of photos and get creative so you can make some interesting shots like this one we did last week of a factory outside our office:

Photography locations: Hidden derelict london


Cool isn’t it ?

If you make a trip out, tag your pictures @squaresnaps #squaresnaps and get some quality prints of your awesome images at Square Snaps!

Look out for our future posts about new interesting ways of using your printed images that will blow your mind.


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