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Our #snowsquaresnaps competition is over!

We would like to thank you all participants and also to our amazing judge, the GB Olympic Team Snowboarder

 Jamie Nicholls



After picking the wining photo, we take some time to grab a coffee and ask Jamie a few questions…

What got you into Snowboarding?

I got into snowboarding from seeing it on TV at the age of 7, there was a dryslope only 5 mins down the road from me so every time I went to the super market with my parents we drove past it. It always made me curious to see how it was. So I asked my mum and dad for a lesson for my birthday, not long after that I was hooked!

What are your must do’s, or tick list to make you feel like you have had a good winter season?

It’s always nice to land some new tricks and push myself, even sometimes that’s a better feeling than doing well in a contest. I also like to do at least one cool project every winter too like the one I just did at The Snow Centre which so much fun! After the success of last years HemelRun I just wanted to do it again but bigger and better. So thanks to The Snow Centre, Red Bull and GB Park and Pipe we made it happen. So excited to see it come out in September.

You have some cool pictures on your Instagram account, What’s your favourite picture and why?

Wow, hard to say really. I have been to a lot of cool places and I love taking snaps along the way. I think my favourite has to be a snap from the Olympics alongside Billy Morgan just after the whole event was done.

We guess his talking about this one:


But actually we prefer this one! :)


 What were you looking for in the #SnowSquareSnaps competition?

It’s hard to say but I like something that catches my eye, something funny or really creative.

This is the amazing photo winner photo!

#snowsquaresnaps winner


Cool huh? Here you can check the full winners list!

Now the snow has melted and the Winter season has come to an end, what are your plans for the Summer

My summer plans mainly consist of planning next winter, riding Freestyle night at The Snow Centre on Thursday and Fridays, climbing, golf and training in the gym to keep in shape for the winter ahead.

You can follow Jamie Nicholls at his website

Thank you all for the #snowsquaresnaps entries, we can’t wait for the next winter competition!


Keep snapping and see you around soon!






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