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5 Firework Photo Tips For Smartphone

No doubt you’ll be visiting some beautiful fireworks displays this week, eating lots of candy floss and oooohing and aaahing at the fireworks night.

And of course,  you’ll be taking lots of photos with your smartphone. Great!

Here are 5 photo tips that will give that wow factor to all your snaps

1. Location

First things first, you should try to arrive early and find a great location:

–  Find a vantage point – watch out for trees and buildings.

–  Avoid light sources that will ruin your pictures like street lights

–  Keep the Fireworks in front of you, not above you.


2. Tripod

We are sure that your hand is perfectly steady… ;) However, fireworks displays can be busy events, and all the excited people around could be a problem when you’re trying to hold your smartphone still in your cold hand.

To avoid that, you should think about bringing a tripod with you or find a safe, flat surface to set your phone on like a wall or tree.

Another tip to keep as still as possible to hold your breath whilst you are taking the photo. If you have a timer mode you can always use that too if you can rest your camera or phone against something still and solid. (Your friends head doesn’t count.)


3. Flash is not your friend

Make sure you turn off the flash on your smartphone when you start shooting the fireworks, otherwise you’ll have an annoying extra white light on your photos.

Remember to turn it on again later if you want to take photos of your mates during the night though or you will all look like ninjas.??

There are lots of apps to help you like Manual app, which allows to manually control

  • Shutter
  • ISO
  • White Balance
  • Focus
  • Exposure Compensation

Check out our other blog post of the other 6 Photo editing apps that you need in your life right now. 


4. Shoot shoot shoot!

The ultimate secret of good fireworks photography is to take about a 100 of them! Some camera apps have a ‘burst’ or ‘continuous shoot’ function which captures several photos in very fast succession.

This is a great mode for catching high speed or action events and you’re sure to enjoy scrolling back through all your images over a Hot Toddy later in the evening.


5. Share

Don’t forget to share your fabulous firework photos with friends and then get them printed so you can enjoy them forever.

Our Super Snaps are a great size for showing off brilliant fireworks photos and displaying your skills around your house.


Enjoy the fire works night folks! :)


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Happy Snapping ?

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