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5 Photo Tips For Your Trips!

Easter Bank Holiday Weekend is fast approaching and we’re sure many of you have awesome trips planned to make the most of the four-day weekend – we don’t blame you! So here at Square Snaps HQ we’ve collected up 5 photo tips to make you the subject of envy when you’re finally back at work.

Photo Tip 1: Packing shots

We all know that the most boring part of travelling anywhere is the packing. You’re always worried you’ve forgotten something, and suddenly the likelihood of needing wellies in the middle of the city starts to cross your mind. But it doesn’t all need to be bad…packing gives an opportunity to get some great photos with some simple flat-laying. Here’s how:

  1. Find a background – we love the idea of using a map of the place you’re visiting, but if you don’t have one then a simple wood floor or some crumpled bed sheets will also work
  2. Pick your items. Be sure to include some travel-specific things, like your passport, some local currency, and your holiday clothes – if you need to include a bikini then we’re super jealous!
  3. Lay out your things in a quirky way. We love the idea of showing things spilling out of your suitcase.
  4. Take an awesome picture from above – ta-dah!

More packing ? @furrylittlepeach

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Photo Tip 2: Airports aren’t always boring

So you get to the airport and you have hours to wait for your flight…don’t waste this time! Obviously there are your normal airport activities like reading and listening to music to keep you occupied, but airports can also be great for capturing the excitement before your flight. We love the idea of taking before and after shots at your airport – one waiting for the flight out and one when you arrive back. You’ll notice your face will change in these! Airports also often have amazing viewing spaces which, if you can find some space, make for awesome photos!

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Photo Tip 3: Find your own angle

Get creative with different angles this trip. If you take your snaps using the exact same angle as everyone else, it’s going to be way harder to take an original snap. Instead, take a photo from below, or with a crazy fish-eye lense – you’ll get a much more interesting effect. The hint here is don’t be afraid to try something new – you’ll get to know which angles create the best effects.



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Photo Tip 4: Don’t forget the food!

You know how the smell of a certain food is a sure-fire way to transport you somewhere – well, you can get this from food photos too! Whether it’s street food in Thailand, or some incredible fresh spaghetti while you’re in the heart of Italy, a quick snap of food will take your tastebuds back to the place where you ate it. It’s a great way to create a memory, and it will make your colleagues hungry when you brag about your time away! Who needs another excuse to take an early lunch break?

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Photo Tip 5: Think about why

What made you want to visit here? You need to make sure you capture images that really show the culture of a place – what makes it different from home? Maybe it’s the rustic streets, great beaches, or the pavement cafes you’ve heard are really cute. Keep the reason ‘why’ you are there in mind and you’ll never go far wrong. And if you do, well…just take another shot!



So there are our five tips for your Bank Holiday Weekend! Hopefully they have left you feeling inspired…and even more excited to get going! Don’t forget to tag your photos with #squaresnaps – because we obviously want to be green with envy!

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