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5 Colour-filled Instagram Accounts to Follow

Okay you guys, we know that black and white is super popular and it makes everything look great. But sometimes (as you may have noticed from our often rainbow-coloured Instagram posts) going crazy with colour can be good! So, to keep you out of the black and white rut, we’ve pulled together five awesome Instagram accounts with some serious colour pop.

1. Marjorie – @creativekipi

Spending the afternoon on rainbows! ?✨

A photo posted by Marjorie Lacombe ⚡️⚡️ (@creativekipi) on

How Marjorie has found quite so many amazingly coloured floors, we don’t know. What we do know is that every single one is beautiful and that we wish we could photograph our feet on them too. This feed isn’t total in-your-face colour – it features a lot of pretty pastels too. Also, there’s an amazing photo of a piece of bread with eyes. We love it. It’s made us question eating toast ever again. Here we go:

Mondays. ? A photo posted by Marjorie Lacombe ⚡️⚡️ (@creativekipi) on


2. Sam – @aww.sam

So imagine that you’re riding a unicorn…. over a rainbow…. whilst eating donuts! Pretty great, right? Well, you’ve basically already visited aww.sam’s Instagram account just from that very thought. We’re sure you won’t need any more convincing to check it out (who wouldn’t want to be a donut-eating, rainbow-jumping unicorn rider?) but if you do then from a photography perspective…Sam has nailed it. There’s colour, there’s flatlays, and there’s cake – what more could you ask for?

Rainbow food, rainbow donuts, rainbow life. ????? #awwsamsweettooth #donutworrybeawwsam

A photo posted by Sam Ushiro (@aww.sam) on


3. Natasha – @violettinder

Natasha uses everyday objects in her photos…then makes them awesome. Think glittery hot sauce, tons of rainbow coloured sweets and of course, perfectly aligned lipsticks. We officially want to buy some glitter.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. ????? // #proptoit A photo posted by natasha • violettinder studios (@violettinder) on


4. Anna – @anniset

Now, Anna’s posts aren’t all completely colourful, but the way she uses backgrounds makes her Instagram feed SO worth checking out. We would absolutely love her to photograph us…please?! We really want to look like we’re being pegged to a washing line too. How many people can boast about having that as their profile picture?


5. Charlotte Love – @charlottelovely

Not only is Charlotte’s account super colourful, it also includes food (can you tell we’re foodies?), AND to top it all off, her snaps have hilarious captions. And when I say it includes food, I mean that she creates food, and other objects, into faces. FACES. Were you expecting that? I think not. We could scroll through this for hours, but one of our faves definitely has to be this bearded bean man. Crikey, we love people’s creative minds.

His hairs Bean missing a while now A photo posted by Charlotte Love (@charlottelovely) on


So, there you have it – our favourite colourful Instagram accounts! If you want to add a little colour to your own photography, why not use our Vintage Polaroid Style Snaps? Or, if we haven’t converted you (how?) then you can stick to the trusty Black and White. Now, please excuse us as we go and buy donuts, paint and glitter. We’d be trying to purchase a unicorn too but we’re not sure where to look.

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