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The 3 best photo apps to download right now!

We love to print amazing photos, so we’ve rounded up our 3 favourite photo apps which you can download right now! So make your snaps even more awesome than we’re sure they already are…and head on over to our site to print them!

Photo app 1 – Prisma

We reckon if you’re on social media then you will have seen some rather interesting new photo filters appear…and that’s probably down to Prisma. With Prisma, all you need to do is either take a photo or choose one from your gallery of existing photos, and you can turn it into a work of art in the style of famous artists. Ever wanted your portrait painted by Picasso? Well now you can at least feel like you have! Our favourite has to be ‘Wave’ though, which is inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai – it gives your photos a beautiful blue hue. And it kind of makes you look like a mermaid. Who wouldn’t want that? We think these would look amazing printed on our (brand new and exciting) Spectrum Pola Snaps!

Here’s our little four-legged pal to show you some of our favourite results!

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Photo app 2 – Afterlight

A favourite of our lovely Photographer Natalie, Afterlight provides you with everything you’d need to make minor, and major, tweaks to your photos. This app, which costs £0.50 (and is totally worth it) offers a vast array of editing features to use on your photos. There are quick adjustment tools for changing the clarity, brightness, contrast and saturation, as well as TONS…and we mean TONS, of filters. There’s also the option of creating double exposure shots which are always a bit of fun to play around with.*

One of our favourite things about this app is how easy it is to share your photos. You can either save and download these to keep hold of them (until you have enough to print of course) or upload them straight to social media. So, save your photos and then you can print your snaps straight through our site. Clever, huh?

*Tip: We’d highly recommend making it look like there’s a unicorn walking down the street. You’ll get super brownie points if you print one of those with us and share it with us on Instagram!

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Photo app 3 – Snapseed

Like Afterlight, this is a super easy to use photo editing app. You can only use this on photos you’ve already taken, unlike Prisma where you can take photos to edit straight away. But don’t let that put you off. Once you’ve taken a photo, this is definitely a good app to have! It takes a little more time to get used to than Afterlight, but it still has some great features. The Vintage filters are our particular favourite, and the ‘Healing’ tool is always useful for removing any unwanted redness from those all-important selfies – no more sunburn in those holiday snaps!

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So there’s the roundup of our three favourite photo apps to use! We’ve certainly enjoyed using them…we’re now off to go and create some marvellous unicorn inspired snaps!

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