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10 Cats to follow on Instagram

10 Cats to follow on Instgaram

Happy Hug Your Cat Day Everyone! ? ?

Here at Square Snaps we are cat crazy – we just can’t get enough of those furry feline friends. So, put your paws up for our 10 favourite cat Instagram accounts. There were plenty to choose from, and if you think about it, cats are just like people right?…

1. The hipster

No matter how hard you try…you will never be as cool as Hamilton the cat with an amazing white moustache. He’s paw-some!

2. The grumpy one

Oh yeah, this cat is saying out loud what everyone is secretly thinking…Tard the grumpy cat might just be our spirit animal!

3. The princess

When you think ‘cat’ you normally think of a cute, fluffy, soft little thing right? Well, not all cats are like that. And you know what? We’re totally fine with that.

4. The expressive

This expression pretty much sums up how we feel about life sometimes – whut? Sam’s eyebrows are on point – we’re surprised he hasn’t been seen on the runway yet!

5. The adventurer

When you think of taking your pet on adventures all over the world, you instantly picture a dog, right? Not so – exploration cat is showing the world that anything dogs can do, cats can do better. #adventurecat

6. The fashionista

All your wildest cat-in-hat dreams just came true in this one Instagram account. This cat is more fashionable than us…and we’re not even jealous, this kitty definitely deserves it.

7. The friendly one

Cats and dogs can’t be friends? Pfft – move over non-believers. See, everyone loves cats…even dogs. And if dogs love cats then you sure have to love them too.

8. The cute guy

This cute kitty is always there to make you smile.

9. The siblings

Watch out world, Roku the cat has friends, and they’re making cooler Instagram pics than you.

10. The crew

Following one cat Instagram account not enough for you? Follow the @cats_of_instagram account for your daily dose of ‘dorable. You’re kitten’ me?! No, we’re not – a new cat photo every single day.

10 cats to follow on Instagram


Have we missed your favourite cat account? If you think we should add a new one to the list, let us know in the comments bellow.

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