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Tropicool- Tropical Polaroid Frame – Limited edition

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It’s been feeling a little Septembrrrrr for most, but we are feeling the Tropical vibes all over again. Ok, so the leaves are starting to turn orange, the sun is setting earlier and shorts are growing longer to cover our whole leg. There is something cool about keeping the hold of your Summer mood.

So we thought… what if we create a new Tropical Polaroid Edition, one edition  to remembrance how amazing the summer is.

Because during Summer even the fruit is better, fresher, tastier and even cooler. If you don’t believe me just check the pineapple below ⬇️

Tropical Polaroid Frame - Tropicool|Square Snaps

And there is no better siesta than the one under the shade of a palm tree.

Tropical Polaroid Frame - Tropicool|Square Snaps

Only in Summer can you pick fresh flowers (and some fruit) and wear them in your hair

Tropical Polaroid Frame - Tropicool|Square Snaps

And even the birds wear crazy bright colors
Tropical Polaroid Frame - Tropicool|Square Snaps

Or lovely pastel shades… Flamingos become your summer inspiration!Tropical Polaroid Frame - Tropicool|Square SnapsJust remember You can if a toucan can!Tropical Polaroid Frame - Tropicool|Square Snaps

So ladies and gentleman, here it is our lovely TropiCOOL Polaroid Frame EditionTropical Polaroid Frame - Tropicool|Square Snaps

Available for 6 weeks only from the 1st September so be quick before the Sunsets on Summery good times and these amazing limited edition prints.

Tropical Polaroid Frame - Tropicool|Square SnapsIf you want your photos printed as cute as our little friend Herbie ones, order your Tropicool Today!

TropiCOOL polaroid frame will be available till the 13th October.

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