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Founder of The Dad Network, Al Ferguson knows how important it is to treasure every moment with your little one. To keep you inspired when you’re taking photos of your new (or growing) family, we’ve come up with a list of special moments which are super important (and cute!) to capture.


First smiles

The first time your baby smiles at you is sure to remain up there in the list of amazing moments from their childhood. Even if you don’t catch it on camera though, don’t worry…we’re sure there are plenty brilliant cheeky grins coming up! Teddy has been showing off some brilliant ones over on The Dad Network’s Instagram

Today’s messy play! Packing peanuts! Ted loved it!

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It’s also okay if sometimes only one of you is smiling. These snaps can be great for adding captions to with our Dad Network Rectangles or Dad Network Mini Retros!

One of us wanted to have this photograph taken more than the other!

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Favourite foods

As your child grows up their favourite foods and drinks are sure to change. Taking pictures of your kids with (or wearing) their favourite foods will ensure you remember the things they loved at different ages. That way you can take a good food trip down memory lane – who doesn’t love that?!

Guess he loves it!

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Look at the Lord of the manor eating his roast in his dressing gown! #Hugh

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Favourite toys

There may be a favourite toy which basically grows up with your child, or one which definitely doesn’t need to do any more growing – check out Teddy’s toy dog!

Whether it’s one or one hundred, taking a snap of your little one with their favourite toys means you can always remember those cuddly pals…even after they’ve maybe been replaced by a new favourite!

Think he missed his teddies!

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The outfits

The freedom to choose your own clothes is particularly brilliant when you’re a kid – kids clothes are just so much more fun! So when your child is showing their personality through their clothes choice, make sure you snap it!

Off to feed the ducks Teddy style!

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Great hairstyles are always a must too…

Now that’s some serious jumping!

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Moments with family and friends

Al has captioned this photo ‘I might be looking the wrong way, Patch’s ear might be inside out, Isla might be crying because she suddenly developed a fear of sausage dogs and grass but this is us. Family’. We totally agree with the sentiment of this one – sometimes those favourite family (and friend) snaps aren’t completely perfect, and those ones are usually the best. Why not choose your favourites and print them in big with our Dad Network Big Prints?


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We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for awesome moments to capture with your family! Now head over to The Dad Network collection and get ordering your snaps to create your own lasting memories!

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