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Our Top 5 Autumn Holiday Destinations

autumn holiday destinations - new england

So you’ve got until the 21st of December (when Winter officially begins) to make the most of Autumn. So make it count, and head off to one of our five favourite Autumn holiday destinations! After all, in the words of Jon Snow, Winter is coming…

Calabria, Italy

With high temperatures being between 26 and 22 degrees, we’d definitely take Calabria over Cornwall once it gets to October! In the boot of Italy (and who doesn’t love shoes) it offers medieval architecture and beautiful scenery without the madness of Italy in August.

autumn holiday destinations - calabria, italy

The Lake District, UK

It’s fab to travel to new places, but that doesn’t always mean hopping on a plane…so we thought we’d feature somewhere right here in the UK. If you haven’t yet made it to the Lake District, we’d highly recommend you go…and the Autumn leaves will make your photos even more beautiful! After all, it’s the season which inspired our Autumn Mini Polas!

autumn holiday destinations - lake district, uk

New England, USA

New England in the fall – it’s famous for its amazing leaves which will cover, well, everywhere! The best time to see them is mid-October, so drop what you’re doing and get going now! Or if you’re not ready to board a plane today, then we’ve heard it’s also absolutely amazing in the Winter! We think our Silver Polaroid Style Snaps would look beautiful with all those snow photos you’d snap!

autumn holiday destinations - new england, usa

Seville, Spain

During the summer months the heat can get a little overwhelming in Seville…which is why we’d recommend waiting to explore until Autumn! In October the average temperature is still a lovely 26 degrees, which is definitely not to be sniffed at in comparison to England at this time! You’ll find fiestas, tapas and Flamenco dancing – plenty of opportunities to make some amazing memories to print when you get home!

autumn holiday destinations - seville, spainMarrakech, Morocco

With the average temperature at a gorgeous 27 degrees, Marrakech is perfect to visit in the Autumn months. If you don’t mind hustle and bustle as part of your holiday then this is a great place to take in some culture. If you do want a little slice of tranquility though, try staying in a riad – be warned though, you might get so comfy that you won’t want to leave!

autumn holiday destinations - marrakech

We hope we’ve inspired you to remove your scarves and don your sunglasses this Autumn…let us know what your plans are by commenting below!

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