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summer photos - summer polaroid style prints

We’re guessing from our title you can tell how excited we are that SUMMER IS HERE! So excited, in fact, that we brought you an entirely new (and awesome) product – our Summer Polaroid Style PrintsAnd with 34 for just £9.99, there’s never been a better time to print your summer photos!

summer photos - summer polaroid style prints

There are hundreds of things to love about summer: the sun, going to the beach, ice-cream, unicorns…wait, no, that’s not right. But anyway, you get the point, it’s a lovely season. It’s also the best time to get outside and make hundreds of memories with your favourite people, which is why we thought we’d broaden your photo printing summer horizons by launching our Summer Polaroid Style Prints.

Here’s where just some of our inspiration came from. No unicorns, we promise.*

The morning sunrise

It’s a little cheesy, we know, but it’s beautiful – and who wouldn’t want beautiful snaps!? Whether you’re enough of a morning person to see the sunrise in the summer or not, our snaps will at least make you feel like you have!

Summer photos - sunrise inspiration

Image from our Pinterest board

The beach

Obviously – when you think of summer you think of summer holidays, and trips to the beach are always on the list! The awesome gradient effect of our Summer Polaroid Style Prints was partly inspired by the waves coming in and out on the shore so it makes them perfect for beachy shots!

Summer photo - beach inspiration

Image from our Pinterest board

Ice cream

And what do you eat when you’re on the beach? Ice cream of course! Okay so this one mainly inspired the pink side of the gradient (is it just us or is blue ice cream kind of a weird idea?) but when you think of the summer, ice cream should definitely be on your mind. Feel free to leave us recommendations of any you think we should try in the comments below as…umm…research for even more products?

Summer photos - ice cream inspiration

Image from our Pinterest board

The evening sunset

To finish up, it only makes sense to end with a sunset. They arrive lovely and late in the summer months, giving us tons of time to take photos, and print them of course (hurrah!) We like the idea of using a sunset photo and printing it with our Summer Polaroid Style Prints – even more gradient fun!

We hope you love our new summer-y snaps…now get out there and make some memories to print! Get yours here, and then check out our Pinterest board to see all of our inspiration!


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