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Quick Mother’s Day Gift For Your Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner for all you US Super Snappers, so we thought it was the perfect time to bring you a super simple and quick mother’s day gift idea so you can make Mom’s year! You can make this gift in just 4 steps…(yep, 4, we told you it was easy. Keep reading to find out how!

Step 1 – Pick your snaps!

Our Mini Retro Photo Scrapbook makes for an awesome quick mother’s day gift. Each wire-bound A5 scrapbook comes with 80 of our Mini Retros – the perfect size for those cute memories with Mom! Choose your favorite 80 photos (you can upload less if you don’t want the full 80, but more memories makes for more fun) and…ta-dah, you’re already a quarter of the way through your quick gift process!

Quick Mother's Day Gift Idea - Image showing photos picked

Step 2 – Add a personal message!

With our Mini Retros you can add a personal message to any of your snaps to let Mom know how much you care! Add dates or place names of where your favorite memories have been made, or alternatively we find a simple ‘Love you Mom’ works pretty well! And, you can also change the color and font of your text too! Once you’ve finished your editing, simply place your order and we’ll get your snaps and scrapbook on their way to you!

Quick Mother's Day Gift Idea - Adding text to your photos

Step 3 – Add your snaps!

Once your shiny silver envelope has arrived with you you can start putting together your scrapbook! Stick your snaps in with glue or use washi-tape to make your gift more colourful…you could even choose your Mom’s favorite color to give this an extra personal touch.

Quick Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Stick in your photos with washi tape

Step 4 – Customize, and customize some more!

With all the space of our scrapbooks, you can go wild with the customization! Add leaflets from trips you’ve been on together, tickets from the movies, or even just write in a few personal messages!

Quick Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Add extra customisation to your scrapbook

So that’s it – four simple steps and you’ve got an awesome and quick Mother’s Day gift for your Mom this year! Don’t forget to order yours before Monday the 1st of May for US delivery in time for Mother’s Day!

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