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Our Five Fave Coffees

Did you know that Square Snaps prints are 20% coffee?! “Seriously?” we hear you cry! “Do they not get soggy?!” Well, they probably would if we poured a cup straight on our prints…but it is the key ingredient in helping us squirrel away getting your amazing photos printed, packed and posted out to your cozy homes!

This week our blog post is dedicated to all things coffee, and with good reason – from today until the 10th of April it’s The London Coffee Festival. We know, a whole festival about coffee! You’re probably feeling more awake already. In honour of this fabulous festival, we’ve come up with a list of our five best coffees in London – you can almost smell it! ☕️ So, get yourself down to your favourite coffee shop, pull up a chair, and give yourself some well-deserved time to have a flick through the photos on your phone, camera or laptop. Then upload them to Square Snaps and order them as prints so you can bring those photos back to life. It’s so super easy that we bet you can choose your favourites and make an order before you’ve even finished your first cup! We’re so confident about this that if you can’t, your coffee’s on us* – you can’t say fairer than that!

Farm Girl Cafe

Frenchie on my ☕️???

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Coffee + dogs = our heaven. Farm Girl Cafe in Portobello brings a cup of Australian culture to London…if they could bring the sunshine too we’d love it even more. Their coffee menu consists of your usual cappuccino and latte, but also some exciting cups – we can’t wait to try the Coconut Drip and Lavender Latte for a little something different. Oh, and did we mention they have a resident French Bulldog? Go, go now! 


Rose lattes got us like…. @belleandbunty ??


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Curator’s Coffee

With two coffee shops – the ‘Curators Coffee Studio’ (near Monument)  and the ‘Curators Coffee Gallery’ (Oxford Circus) – there’s no excuse to miss a coffee from this company. And with their fabulous ‘Creations’, which in the past have included a Coffee Colada and a Ginger and Chilli Brewed Coffee, you definitely won’t want to.

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

DCSA keep it pretty simple with their menu, and we kind of love that because boy is it good. And a good bit of Instagram-worthy coffee art never goes amiss either, which you definitely get here! As well as serving amazing coffee in their shops, DCSA also have their coffee available to buy online, with cute and quirky names for individual blends such as ‘The Dark Horse’ and ‘The Smooth Operator’. Also, we found it super satisfying to send a message saying ‘Meet at the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs’ – we felt like something out of James Bond.


Afternoon coffee lovers. #deptofcoffee #latteart #coffee #cappuccino #londoncoffee #coffeeroastery


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It’s been featured in a fair few ‘Best Coffee’ reviews and blog posts, and has won an award for the ‘Best Independent Cafe’, so it’s no surprise that Kaffeine is featuring on our list too. With a weekly changing food menu, too, you can’t go far wrong! And to top it all off, they offer latte art classes, so now you can create our own awesome coffee photos – just warn your friends about the coffee spam their Instagram feed will now be filled with.

Jet lag cure #4: flat white. Hello London! ??   A photo posted by Kevin Systrom (@kevin) on



If you’re not always a coffee kind of person, what about something a little sweeter? SAID, which can be found in Soho (almost just by following the smell of chocolate) is the second branch of Italian chocolate shops, founded in Rome in 1923. The hot chocolate is ridiculously chocolatey – you may as well be eating a fondue. Perfect for that sweet hit we all need once in a while.

Can’t get enough of the melting piece of heaven #sweettooth A photo posted by signe_abaya (@signe_abaya) on




A photo posted by NA. (@en.a91) on

So there you have it – our five faves of the London Coffee scene, all brought to you just in time for the London Coffee Festival! You’re totally welcome.



Images used as featured image by: @chekoh_babycarriers, @onlyminimal & @steffi_daydreamer on Instagram
*Send us an email to and we will refund you with the price of a coffee (up to £1.50) on orders placed.

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