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Live Snaps are here!

Here at Square Snaps we love coming up with something new. So this year we’ve been working away like busy little bees to bring you something that’s never been done before. Square Snaps Secret Development Labs have spent a lot of time creating our new Lirpa Loof technology. This cutting edge technology will transform your image perspective! 

We know that pictures have the power to take you back to a moment and relive a memory. BUT, what if you could see that memory in real time?! (bear with us…) sometimes the memory is more powerful when coupled with a smell or sound – you know what we mean? Well, your memories are about to get superhero strength! Introducing…LIVE SNAPS. These snaps are like something straight out of Harry Potter…they move as you move, they see what you see, they hear and smell what you hear and smell!!!

Now, along with your 7 favourite memories, we’ll add one (virtually priceless!) Live Snap. You can practically touch the moment with your own hand. Or maybe just a finger, they’re only the same size as our classic Polaroid Style prints after all. So make your photos even sharper…get yours here!


april-fool-landing-page-live-view-snaps 3


Did we get you? Try reading Lirpa Loof backwards and all will become clear! *facepalm* Please note though, if you order our Live Snaps then you will receive your actual order – with an additional ‘cut out here’ snap!

Sorry guys, we promise to let you know properly if we ever manage to create Live Snaps. Not that you’ll need us to tell you – if we ever manage to create Live Snaps just follow the people rolling in money…that will be us! Why not share this blog post to try and trick your friends?! Happy April Fools!


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