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How to display your travel photos and lean into the wanderlust

In the UK we’ve been in at least partial lockdown for around 3 months now, and many people are concerned their usual summer holidays won’t be able to go ahead this year. 

Here at Super Snaps though, we like to look on the bright side when possible. So, instead of dwelling on the holidays we might be missing, we’ve collected together our favourite ideas for how to display your snaps from previous travels! After all, looking at photos is one way to see the sun…

Magnetic memories

We thought we’d start with the simplest idea, just to ease us in (holiday style). For this idea all you need is your snaps, a map and some pins or magnets. Just print off your favourite snaps from each country, city or even town you’ve visited and attach them directly to your map. Super simple, but super effective! It does help if you have an absolutely beautiful metal map like this one from RoamForge too…

Simple with string

While sticking your snaps directly on your map may be the easiest option, it does mean your map gets filled up super quickly! To make sure you’ve got enough room for displaying all your favourite memories, why not try attaching them to some string and then pinning the string onto the map? You’ll create almost a spider diagram effect, with each of your treasured photos linking directly to where it was taken! Our Mini Square Snaps are perfect for this!

Image from Haute Homebody on Pinterest

A shadow box show

For wall art that’s totally unique to you, we love the idea of a shadow box for displaying your travel snaps. Not only can you add prints, but shadow boxes also mean you have room to add other mementos from your trip! Why not try adding shells, doodles and postcards like this creative traveller…

Image from on Pinterest

Tag your travels

A new take on the classic string map idea, this pin map uses the same concept by adding your photos to strings, but with the photos all displayed on tags. We love this idea because it means you can write a little note on each of the tags as a reminder of exactly where the photo was taken, or even the date. You could cut out the middle man by just writing on the back of our prints though (or even by adding captions to your snaps when you order!) Our Mini Retros would be just the thing… 

Image from on Pinterest

Feeling griddy

If you’ve read our blogs before you’ll know we love a grid display, and this one with travel snaps is our fave! You could use it to show off all the awesome places you’ve been so far…or as an inspiration board for all the new places you’d like to visit in the future! Either way, we’re sure this cute grid would brighten up your workspace!

Image from on Pinterest

We hope this little blog has inspired you to get creative with your travel snaps and beat the staycation blues some of you may be feeling! Don’t forget to tag us @wearesupersnaps so we can see your awesome ideas!

Psst…if you’re looking for even more ideas on how to display your snaps, we’ve got you covered.

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