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Happy Greeting Cards Making Day

Happy Greetings Card Day

If you don’t know already, this Sunday is Greeting Card Making Day! Yaayy!!

So, because we offer amazing personalised greeting cards we have decided to write about them and help you out planning a DIY Saturday project.

Greeting cards are a great way to send a reminder to someone you love, to decorate your room or to add a little special something for your breakfast in bed buddy.

Are you ready?

Here you have 5 cool ideas to create beautiful and personalised greeting cards.

1. Print your favourite quote

Think about a powerful message that would make the person who receives the greeting card smile, or laugh, or think or just keep him or hem motivated. There are millions of websites that would offer you some great quotes from artists, singers, writers.

Happy Greeting cards - Square Snaps

Pinterest is a perfect place to find inspiration too. We have a photography quotes board with inspirational messages related with photography.

2. Happy autumn

Every day there is something to celebrate so why don’t create a greeting card to just wish a Happy Autumn season to your friends and relatives

Happy Autumn Greeting cards - Square Snaps

Pick up your smartphone, head outside and get some shots of the amazing Autumn colors, floor leaves, pumpkins the colors are perfect in this season.

 3. Use a picture of a drawing

If you have a kid, a great way to personalise a greeting card is using their drawing or if you feel arty enough you should try it with your own paints.

Personalised Greeting cards - Square Snaps

Just take a photo after you have created it and upload the image to our site. You can also upload it from Instagram if you want to add some filters on it.

4. Print a haunting Halloween Greeting Card

Talking about this season, we can now start thinking about one of the most spooky and fun party in the year.

Halloween Greeting cards - Square Snaps


5. Create a Collage with different images

If you can not decide which photo you want to upload, you can always create a collage. Using tools like Picmonkey collage you would be able to create beautiful collages!

Greeting cards - Square Snaps

Once you have decided the creative idea or ideas, just need to go to and select Greeting Cards, then as you know upload your images from Desktop or Instagram and enjoy printing! You can print as many different pictures as you like!

We also provide you with your envelopes as well so you just need to worry to have enough stamps for sending all your creations.

Have a good Greeting Card Making Day and send some love!! :)




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