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Festival Survival Guide list, tips, hacks & more

Festival Survival Guide list, tips, hacks & more.

10 Festival tips to make sure you get the most out of your festival experience!

If your are a festival fresher or think you are well versed in the game that is ‘ the festival experience’ then look no further! This is Harry from Square Snaps guide to making the most of your trip, with tips, tricks, advice and new ideas to make life easy and fun that you may not have thought of before!

I first went to a festival when I was 11, they were only daytime festivals in London, but I got the bug, and been going to new and exciting festivals year on year ever since! Here is some advice from someone who has made the all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

First of all, to make the most of your experience, organisation is key. Don’t wait until two days before to start your plan of attack!
Festival Survival Guide list, tips, hacks & more-plananigans

1.Get Appy

To get the ball rolling find the set list for the festival with all the artists, and work out who is playing where.

A lot of festivals have an app for this which can help you work out who you want to see and when. (Print this out or screenshot it to save battery when you are there)
It is worth using your googling skills, and find out roughly how far away each stage is to the other too. At Glastonbury, depending on stage popularity, it can take 40minutes plus to get from stage to stage.

2. Google it!

Google the bands that you haven’t heard of too, discuss them with your friends, thanks to google my friends and I saw some amazing bands up close and personal, some that are now really big name headliners that you would have to queue up for hours to get that close to now. I was a few metres in front of Florence Welsh (Florence and the machine) a few years ago, and now she is headlining Glastonbury and is the highlight of many festivals.

Festival Survival Guide list, tips, hacks, must haves & more/ florence and the machine bbc introducing

Florence and the machine BBC Introducing stage – image from

3. Meeting point 

Festival Survival Guide list, tips, hacks, must haves & more - Meeting point

Pick a meeting point that isn’t near a portaloo. As soon as you arrive and set up camp, pick a meeting spot. It’s so easy to get lost at these huge festivals – it will probably happen, especially if you’re in a large group of friends and you are fighting your way through the crowds. Picking a meeting spot will make it easier to find each other again. Make a fun one though, like the entrance so a certain tent or an outside music area- You don’t want to be waiting for an hour next to the Portaloo.

4. Charity tents

They are just friendly people who will help you out if you are having a nightmare, give you some shade/shelter, and usually some free stuff like water, food etc.

5. Don’t lose your phone

Make sure you have a selfie on your camera SD card or phone, so if you lose your camera, and it is handed in to lost and found, you can claim your camera is yours! You can even go as far as to take a picture beforehand, with your face, holding your phone number. You can put as your background of your phone too, but add the number of one your festival buddies too.

6. NO selfie sticks

They are not allowed in a lot of festivals, so trust a stranger if you dare, alternate playing photographer in your friend group, or locate your friend with the longest arms for the job of extreme selfie taker. 

7. Instagram Famous?

Put all of your groups Instagram photos under one #hashtag, find a tag that you can all remember and doesn’t have any other photos on it yet. It could even help you on your way to become Instafamous at your chosen festival like these girls from Coachella 2015.

Remember to print your memories, you can print your Instagram photos by logging into your account on our website. You can even search and select by #hastags that you have used on your photos!  Festival photos in Polaroid Style always look so cool printed.

before i plummeted to my death

A photo posted by @charlottedalessio on

8. Where to put your tent

Don’t think pitching your tent as close to the stage as possible is a good thing. Way more people will have to walk (stumble) back from the main arena and stages at the end of the night and they next day. Hyped up people who have probably had a beer and are not quiet. If it rains, the path surrounding your tent will get muddy a lot quicker, and it more likely to cause puddles around your tent. Putting you tent next to the tapes will have the same problem, wet muddy ground with a stampede of people. Not fun.

9. Have a buddy system within your group

So each one of you is responsible for the one other person’s whereabouts. This means you only have to look out for one person when out on your shenanigans, not your whole group, and everyone will always be covered. If you get really lost, head to your meeting point and they will know where to find you.

10. Festivals are about the vibe.

Positivity is infectious so get your smiles on and live life to the full. :)

#lifeisallabouthememories so capture every moment and take it all it! The most important part is that you have fun!

Festival Survival Guide list, tips, hacks, must haves & more | festival-photo printing

Print your festival Memories

Why not get all those amazing festival memories printed in classic polaroid style with our photo prints starting from £6.99. Keep those memories alive!

Look here for the Definitive Must Have items on your Festival survival Tick list, tips, hacks & more.

For more tips on Festival photography and from what to wear to how to style your hair, see our upcoming Square Snaps guide to getting camera ready for that festival look photography  and Square Snaps photography guide to festival fun blog posts coming soon.


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