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Family friendly days out in the UK (for your dog too!)

family friendly trips - print your fridge magnets

As you may have noticed if you follow us on Instagram, we’re big fans of our furry friends, and we like it when they can come on family trips with us. To make sure that everyone gets involved, we’ve picked 5 days out in the UK that everyone can enjoy (including your dog…we didn’t reckon cats would be particularly excited about the trips so we left them out, sorry!)


Chiswick House

Chiswick House is a beautiful house built in 1729, and its gardens inspired New York’s Central Park – so it’s definitely worth a wander around. And, if you really want to involve your dog, there’s even a dog show which runs in the autumn, on the 25th of September! There’s a category for the Naughtiest Dog too, so even if your dog doesn’t have an OBE for obedience or an A* for agility, (s)he might still win something! We’d recommend getting the photos from this day printed and stuck to your fridge with our Mini Pola Magnets – after all, everyone needs to know what your pet has been up to in order to win the Naughtiest Dog Prize!


The Donkey Sanctuary

The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Devon, is open 365 days a year – so it’s always a good day to go…even on Christmas Day you can visit these lovely donkeys! They also have special ‘Meet the Groom’ sessions where you can hear all about what’s been going on lately with the specific donkeys and get to know them a bit better. AND, you can adopt a donkey. You can check out on their website which donkeys are waiting to be loved, and we’ve got a couple of particular favourites…Gareth, and Timothy, and Billy O, and Walter, and William D…yeah, okay, maybe more than a couple.


Tatton Park

I spent the day with reindeer ? #tattonpark #dunhampark #reindeer

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Tatton Park in Cheshire has everything that you’d want from a family day out – there are award-winning gardens, a mansion house and 1,000 acres of deer park and woodland. There’s also a working farm where you can feed hens and goats, and meet pigs and (yep, our favourite of the day) donkeys!


The Llama Park

#baby #alpaca #cria #england #sussex #beautiful #thellamapark #

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^ We know this is technically an alpaca, but they have those too and this one was tooooo cute for you guys to miss out on!

The Llama Park in Nutley, East Sussex, might just be our favourite contender on this list, so if you’re down on the South coast for your hollibobs then it’s definitely worth a visit! Here you can also adopt an animal…not only are there llamas (duh), there are also alpacas, pygmy goats, sheep, donkeys, and…REINDEER! We’ve got a particular soft spot for the one called Cracker. And, if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day out, you can also take a llama on a walk! 


If you’re happy to leave your dog at home for a few hours, or you don’t have a dog, we’ve got another option for you…

Flip Out

Practice makes perfect. #flipout #trampoline #foampit #fun #fitness #dj #party #parkour

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Flip Out is a firm favourite for all of us at the Square Snaps office – we recently went on a little work trip here! It.was.awesome. You can find Flip Out in Bristol, London, Southampton, Portsmouth, Stoke, Chatham, and Sandwell, so there’s really no excuse to miss out on this! Flip Out is a trampoline park which features massive foam pits which you can dive into, trampolines under basketball nets so you can convince yourself you’re an NBA star, and even wall trampolines if you fancy trying out some moves like Liam Neeson. We certainly did! Even the squirrels had fun.


We think there’s something here to keep everyone happy over the summer holidays (including your dog!) but we always love your suggestions so comment below to let us know any of the family friendly days out that you guys love! Why not collect up all your family memories that you create over the summer holidays, and print them using our Pola Pack? Or, if you fancy bringing some sunny colour to your photos, maybe try our Summer Polaroid Style Prints!

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