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5 Reasons to print your photos

5 Reasons to print your photos today

All those photos stored on your devices are little digital records and memories of fun times, special events and moments shared with friends and family. Don’t let your photos gather digital dust, they should be printed, displayed or filed in a photo album to look back on in the future with great fondness! Printing your photos is the best way to preserve all those special memories for ever. Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you should print your photos now.

1. Technology changes and breaks!

We’ve already established that most of your photos are probably stored on your computer or mobile device. They might be safely saved there, snug as a bug, for a while….. but as technology evolves, you can be sure that at some point  your computer will crash  or even get stolen and you will lose all the photos you have been carefully saving in folders over the years. The shock, the horror! Why risk that total digital melt down and loss of something SO important? We recommend a physical back up to prints every 2 months at least!

Square Snaps - Polaroid Style Prints - Square prints

 2. Relive the memories

Be honest, how many times do you look through all the beautiful images you have stored in your laptop? They are sitting there, hidden away behind a password protected screen, 5 folders deep, probably under a file name you thought was funny 3 summers ago but now can’t remember. They’re lonely! Print them out, hold those moments in your hand, walk past them hanging on the wall and be reminded of all those awesome moments, every day. Your photos tell a story, your story, they are part of who you are.

Square Snaps - Square photo prints and Polaroid prints

3. Be creative

There are so many beautiful ways to display your photos! Frame them, create collages, stick them in albums, create beautiful scrapbooks or hang them on string with pegs.

Printing your photos to create that perfectly personalised DIY project that will remind you of special and put a smile on your face whilst creating something new.

Print your photos - Polaroid prints- square prints- square snaps

4. Connect People

The photographs you display around your house, allow your visitors and guests to understand your story, (and gives you a chance to show off and share all the amazing things you have done). Pictures really do tell a thousand words and help to create connections between you, your guests, and those who matter most to you, plus it’s a great conversation starter!

If you have kids, you will know how time really does fly, and the value of spending time together reviewing family stories that is one of the best experiences in the world. You might think that your photos are not that important today, but we are sure that your children and grandchildren will be curious about how your hair, house, clothes, holidays e.t.c. were looking back in the day.  So keep that in mind, save your memories and cherish the physical print on paper today.

Square Snaps - Super easy photo Printing

5. It’s super easy

There are no excuses for not printing your photos. It’s super easy,  you can literally order photos from your iPhone or tablet while you are watching a film, cooking or waiting for the    tube!

You can upload your photos from your Instagram account or use the old ones you have trapped in your laptop. We make the process easy and fast so that you can enjoy your photos in less than 2 working days! So set those captured memories free!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your memories printed!

Photo prints - Square Prints and Polaroid Style Prints- Square Snaps


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