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5 Instagram Accounts To Boost Your Creativity

creative instagram accounts

It’s the 1st of November – Halloween is officially over (BOO hoo) but Christmas is still a little way off and you’re not sure whether to start blasting Mariah Carey just yet. It can feel like there’s not much going on around this time of year, so we’ve come up with our favourite 5 Instagram accounts to boost your creativity…you’re very welcome!

Sam Ushiro – @aww.sam

creative instagram accounts to follow - aww sam

Image from @aww.sam on Instagram

Okay, so we know this is a Halloween photo…but it was just too cool not to feature, and was a perfect example of Sam’s amazing and creative ideas. If you recognise her style, it may be because we featured her account in our 5 Colour-filled Instagram Accounts To Follow blog post – we’re big fans! As creativity goes, she has enough for the whole of Instagram, so her account is a pretty good place to start!


Lucy Litman – @lucialitman

creative instagram - pantone ideas lucia litman

Image from @lucialitman on Instagram

Lucy takes everyday objects (usually food, which we’re totally okay with) and matches them with Pantone shades. Add to that her photos of quotes, which we find kind of motivational, like “WHATEVER, I’M GETTING CHEESE FRIES” from Mean Girls, and it’s the perfect account for showing you that there can be fun found in the things which may seem average!


Gemma Correll – @gemmacorrell

creative instagram accounts - gemma correll

Image from @gemmacorrell on Instagram

We’re sure that unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have seen Gemma Correll’s amazing illustrations. She gives a totally different perspective on things with her play on words (as you can see here). If you fancy a giggle then this is definitely one to check out – we will officially be calling Monday ‘Mondae’ from now!


Andrew Knapp – @andrewknapp

creative instagram accounts - andrew knapp

Image from @andrewknapp on Instagram

Andrew and his dog, Momo, will certainly inspire you to go out into the wild to seek some creativity, even if you don’t always feel like going outside! Andrew has created an awesome version of Where’s Wally with Momo – definitely head over to his account for a daily dose of ‘aww’

creative instagram - andrew knapp 2

Image from @andrewknapp on Instagram

Ramzy – @space.ram

creative instagram - space ram ramzy

Image from @space.ram on Instagram

Ramzy reimagines original photographs (often by Instagrammers that he loves) and turns them into amazing rainbow-unicorn-coloured snaps! You know how we feel about unicorns, so obviously we are super excited about this! If rainbow unicorn magical things are an interest of yours too (which, if they aren’t, they should be!) then check out our Spectrum Pola Snaps…you won’t be disappointed!

We hope we’ve given you enough inspiration with our 5 favourite creative blogs to help you beat the post-Halloween-pre-Christmas blues! Get outside (or stay in) and get snapping! Don’t forget to tag us @square_snaps too!

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