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5 Cutest Pet Instagram Accounts To Follow This Easter

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Spring has sprung here in the UK (we hope you have some sun wherever you are too!) and that can only mean one thing…Easter is on its way and with it come some super cute animals! So, after seeing some adorable hopping lambs we’ve been inspired to tell you about 5 of our favourite pet Instagram accounts which you should follow this Easter!



Starting as a strong contender for our favourite pet Instagram account (and definitely our favourite bunny account!) is @koume_tan. Follow this cute bundle of fluff and you’re sure to have a very hoppy Easter!



When you think Easter, you automatically think baby chicks…it’s why we’ve added a brand new chick pattern as one of the patterns in our Easter Mini Retros! Our favourite chicken Instagram account (yep, we do have one) has to be clucklife – these chicks will melt your heart!



As in Friends, where there’s a chick, there has to be a duck. Marley even rides in a truck with his owner. Check this one out to see him grow from a tiny duckling…they’re calling it a duckumentary, and we kind of love it!

If Friday had a face I would kiss it! ?

A post shared by MARLEY P. KING (@marleypking) on



We simply HAD to include this one…an Easter puppy is a thing right? Okay okay we know it isn’t, but it definitely should be. After all, Cooper the golden retriever has his own pair of Easter bunny ears, and we wouldn’t want him to feel left out!

Throwback to this handsome Easter bunny ?

A post shared by Cooper the Golden Puppy (@cooperteno) on



Last on our list, but certainly not least, is Gustave the rescued Belgian squirrel. Yep, you read that right – he’s a little rescue squirrel! The squirrels here in the office got very excited when they saw this one, so we simply had to include it! We think Gustave might have eaten a little too much Easter chocolate in this photo…

So that’s it Super Snappers – five fabulous pet Instagram accounts for you to ‘aww’ over this Easter! Why not order your cutest pet photos today and tag us in them on social media @wearesupersnaps – we love to find new favourites!

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