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4 ways to spread the love this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating love, and here at Super Snaps we’re totally down for that! Inspired by our fabulous customers, we’ve collected together some of our fave ideas from Instagram to get you heart-eyed. Without further I Do (yep, we went there)…here are 4 fabulous photo ideas for how to spread some love this February 14th.

Frame your photos

We love @hellorachelbrown’s creative photo frame idea using our Original Square Snaps. Super simple but super effective, this is exactly our kind of gift! Surprise your loved one by printing those favourite memories from holidays, first dates, or even your wedding snaps. If you don’t even want to lift a finger for the assembly of this gift 1, shame on you and 2, we’ve got you covered with our Mini Box Frames. We’ll print your photo, assemble it in its frame and deliver it straight to your door. You’re welcome!

Say it big with little photos

Speaking of wedding snaps, we love @elizadarlings super cute wedding touches. Our Mini Polaroid Prints looked amazing as part of her table decorations, but for a V-Day twist they could be used to jazz up a tray of breakfast in bed or slid into your partner’s wallet or purse as an adorable surprise!

Cake + memories = perfect Valentine’s present

Want to go the extra mile this Valentine’s Day? Give two presents in one and create a Valentine’s Polaroid Cake like @pyperandcakes. Print all your favourite couples snaps as our Mini Polaroid Prints or Mini Retro Prints and attach them to the top of your cake like personalised cake toppers! You could even create mini bunting on the top of your cake – super cute.

Don’t forget your pals

Sometimes the most important relationships in your life are with your friends (and family too!) This V-Day, make sure all those fab people in your life know how much you appreciate them by creating a cute personalised display like this one made by @natusinka1. Super simple to create, this display can be put together with just some Polaroid Prints, string and creativity!

For this idea you could even print out some cute motivational card designs – everyone needs motivation while at their desk!

Now that we’ve hopefully inspired you with our quick and easy gift-guide, here’s a little poem…it’s our Valentine’s Day gift to you!

Some see February the 14th as just another day…
Others stress over the perfect gift and knowing what to say.
But isn’t it nice there is a day that’s focussed on those few,
Not only lovers but friends and family, the people who get you.

Since a picture’s worth a thousand words we’ve it rather easy
To say exactly how you feel – it doesn’t have to be cheesy!
Upload the photos of all the times you’ve shared over the years
From those super special moments to just some casual beers.

We’ll print them out and pack them up, and in a little while
You’ve got the gift of moments that are sure to bring a smile.
We hope we help inspire you to share memories with this rap
And show your love this Valentine’s with a gift from Super Snaps.

Lots of LOVE,
The Super Snaps Team xo

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