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4 Awesome Ways To Use Your Polaroid Style Photos

polaroid style photo idea - photo display

One of the best things about printing people’s precious memories is being able to see how they are used – you guys sure have some awesome ideas! Sharing is caring, so we’re sharing some of our absolute favourite ideas of how to use Polaroid Style Photos with you!

Transform your workspace

Whether you’re in your uni room, at work, or just want to make your working space at home a little more exciting, this pinboard full of Polaroid Style prints is the perfect solution. We love the idea of mixing up your own board with a variety of prints too – our Summer Polaroid Style Snaps always bring back that summer feeling, and Retro Mini Polas make every board look cuter!

polaroid style photo idea 1


And, if you’re after a little inspiration in your workspace (or anywhere for that matter) then our DIY Inspiration Board has to be the one for you!

polaroid style photo diy inspiration board


Mark a big moment

Weddings, graduations, making it to the weekend…big occasions are important to mark properly! But one of the most important (not that we’re sure many of you remember your own) is your first birthday! We absolutely loved seeing this display made using our Mini Pola photo prints which goes right through from day one to one year – n’aww!

polaroid style photo idea 2 - mark big moments



Best friend heading off to university or college soon? Or maybe it’s just a special birthday coming up? Or maybe…you just want them to feel super special (like a unicorn). Whatever the reason, a personal scrapbook is always a great way to share the love. Use our Mini Snaps if you want to have more photos per scrapbook page, or go for our Original Squares for a classic look!

If you want to make your snaps that little bit more personal, you could also write on the space at the bottom of our Polaroid Style Prints using a Sharpie, making a note of all the best memories so that you can remember the date and place they were made! Or, include little inside jokes and quotes to make your friend smile whenever they look at them. Our Pola Pack also might be handy if you have more than 100 memories…and if you’re anything like us then you will! “Remember, this? Aww! Remember that? No? Well, let’s put it in anyway”

polaroid style photo idea - scrapbooking


polaroid style photo idea 3 -scrapbooking


Check out more of our favourite scrapbooking tips here too!

Travel back in time…to your travels!

Photo displays of any kind are great, but this particular example has to be one of our favourites of all time! And, you could easily make your own photo map display – this amazing one has been made with white Polaroid Style Prints with a black silhouette overlaid, but we think it would look awesome using our Spectrum Pola Snaps too! One for every country that you’ve visited would be a really great way to make a statement with your photos in your home!

polaroid style photo idea 4 - travel photos


We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for how to use your Polaroid Style Snaps! Don’t forget to tag us on social media @square_snaps and you might see your ideas here next time – yay!

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