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3 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas! ?

Easter egg hunt ideas

Easter time can be super exciting for kids! And to be honest it’s a great excuse for adults to overindulge in too! Here at Square Snaps we love to get everyone involved and make some great memories (as we’re sure you know). So this year we’ve come up with some great Easter Egg Hunt ideas with varying levels of difficulty so everyone can join in.

Level 1 – Make your own direction cards!

These are great because you can make them as easy or as difficult as you want, so they can be used by children of every age! For some easier clues, just use arrows. Place arrows all around the house until they eventually lead to the chocolate eggs at the end! If your children are a little older and can read, you can also make clues which have more specific directions on them, for example “Turn left and walk 4 steps” or “You’re getting warm!” when they’ve almost got there.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to and create your own clue design. You can use their stock of backgrounds, or use your own image for a super-personalised print.
  2. Add images, text, shapes and even little eggs and Easter themed banners that have made available! 
  3. Download your clues and print them with Square Snaps. We used Original Squares for ours, but any of our products will work for this – and they have a gloss finish which is great for those small sticky hands!

Tip: If you are using Canva to create your images then please download and save them as JPEGs – the PNG versions will not upload to our site :)

3 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - photo clues - original snaps

Level 2 – Picture Quiz

Make your own hunt even more interactive…with a picture quiz! Again, this is really simple, and can be done in pairs and groups. Here’s how:

1. Take some photos of rooms in your house, or specific hiding places. Here’s an example (this is a stock photo :-) !):













2. Upload your images to our site. Click ‘Next’ and you will be taken to our Review Page. Use our cropping tool to crop a small section of your photo. Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 13.58.47Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 17.15.51

This will then create a zoomed in version of a section of your photo. The egg hunters will need to figure out where this part of an image is from in order to go there and find the next clue…and eventually the chocolate! We love seeing their confused faces as they try and remember where a place is that they see every single day!

Level 3 – Riddles!

From personal experience of once being kids, we know that they can get to that age when egg hunts just aren’t cool anymore. BUT… we think this riddle challenge will change their minds. And again, it’s super simple, you can create these in just a few steps:

1. Create your own riddles, or find some online – thank you internet for your creativity!

2. Again, go to and make your own designs. You can make these really pretty by adding little flowers, easter bunnies and eggs! You can also change the font to make these all different so that each one looks really individual. To add yet another splash of Spring colour, we’ve chosen to use our Vintage Polaroid Style Snaps, but again any of our snaps will work for this!

3. Print your riddles and leave them in a trail around the house! Ta-dah! We’ve chosen to print ours with our Vintage Polaroid Style Snaps for that extra splash of colour, but if you want to make these harder to find you could always use our Mini Autumn Polas or Mini Snaps!

Easter egg hunting ideas - Vintage Polaroid Style Snaps

So there you have it – our three Easter Egg Hunt ideas! We think there’s something for everyone, even the biggest of kids…we’re sure your other half will try get involved, but make sure they doesn’t steal all the chocolate at the end!

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