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12 fabulous ways to display your photos

photo showing ideas for how to display photo prints on the wall or as a display

Whether you’re ramping up the style in your living room, sending prints to friends or adding snaps to your journal, we’ve got the perfect ways to display, gift, and personalise your photos! All inspired by our fabulous customers, here are some ideas for how to use your Super Snaps prints every day! Psst…there are more great ways to keep busy during lockdown here too!

1. In a scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a great way to keep hold of your favourite memories! From making travel scrapbooks to document your favourite holidays (and deal with that ever-present wanderlust), to storing all the amazing moments from your baby’s first year, they’re a simple way to use your prints and create something truly unique. Our Photo Scrapbooks are great for gifting too!

2. The simple-yet-effective DIY Polaroid Frame

A display for your photos that’s super simple, but also beautiful? This is our favourite kind of DIY! Just take a frame and place your prints inside in any position you fancy. Line them up, leave gaps in the middle, or turn them into a shape – the options are endless. You could even make a number out of prints if you’re gifting this for a birthday!

This frame works really well with our Polaroid Prints, but you can also make cute collage-inspired frames with our Square Prints too!

3. Share the love with a photo heart wall

Pinterest has some great ideas for how to easily make a Polaroid heart on your wall. We like this layout which shows you how to create a heart with 53 Polaroid Prints, but you could also create the same effect with Squares!

4. Photo name places

Firstly, where can we get an invite to this wedding? Cacti are our faves and we’re loving this name place idea. Just stick your prints onto cocktail sticks and push them into the soil of a mini cactus (or any other plant for the matter). They’ll tell your guests where their table is, are 100% unique and each guest gets a gift.

Once things are back to normal and weddings are a go again we hope to see lots more cactus name places! Let the love grow, right?!

5. Grab your journal

Journaling gives you the space to keep track of your thoughts, feelings, and stay organised. Who doesn’t need that right now? Whether you’re into bullet journals or long pages of text, adding photos is sure to bring an extra smile to your face!

6. Say thanks

Now, you could send our Greeting Cards as thank-you’s if you’re feeling like something simple. But, if you want to get a little bit more creative we love this idea for Retro Print thank you cards.

First, choose your photo and add text on our website. Then, stick mini pegs onto the front of brown cards, and peg your thank-you photos on the front! Personal and pretty – we’d be thrilled to receive one of these!

7. Special keepsakes

When you’re apart from your loved ones it can make you feel more connected to create a memory book like this one. This idea is perfect for keeping track of all those important moments in your little one’s life! Plus, who doesn’t love reminiscing? You can even add captions to your Retro Prints to note special dates and first-times!

8. Do up your desk

Let’s be honest, we all need some great desk decor right now, amirite? Check out how to create your own DIY gold mesh memo board and then order your prints to clip on. Once you’ve got the memo board done it couldn’t be easier. We think Black Polaroid Prints would look great on here too!

9. …or your dresser

Keep your favourite memories where you can see them every day – like in your hallway or above your dresser! Stick them up with some tape for a super easy but effective mini gallery of snaps to make you smile.

10. …or even your whole kitchen!

A mini gallery is great but if you have a whole wall to fill up why not create a statement collage wall filled with your fabulous photos? We totally love this one – we’d constantly be baking! That’s what we call an added perk!

11. Make washi tape your new bestie

If you’ve followed our other blog posts you’ll know that we’re fans of washi tape in the Super Snaps office! That’s because it’s easy to stick up, peel off, and it looks super pretty. So obviously we’re totally in love with this cute pegboard idea!

12: Create your own portable gallery

A gallery wall is the perfect way to display all your favourite photos, and makes a big impact, but if you fancy moving it around or don’t want to make marks in rented housing then how about making a portable gallery wall? All you need is some board (so you can choose the size too) and prints to transform your space!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our 12 ways to display your photos! Whether you’re creating personalised gifts or adding a little something special to your home, it always brings a smile to our face to see your ideas! So, what are you waiting for? Get ordering and share your creations with us @wearesupersnaps!

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