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Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentines Gift Ideas

❤️ Once again Valentine’s Day is around the corner…and love is in the air! This week, we’ve put our thinking caps on to bring you some awesome, romantic, and fun Valentines gift ideas for you to surprise your other half with on this day of love ❤️

Kick start your Valentine’s with breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is always a treat but Valentine’s is extra special so let’s start the day with something that will put a smile on anyone’s face! Today’s ingredients include a favourite naughty breakfast treat… plus a cheeky cupcake, coffee and a sprinkling of your favourite printed memories to help reminisce of the best times shared together. We would recommend our Polaroid Style Love Snaps for this.

Valentine's Black Polaroid Style

Customer photo courtesy of @steffi_daydreamer

Valentines DIY Photo ideas - Customer Polaroid style example- Square Snaps

Customer photo courtsey of @loafersoflondon

A few cheeky Valentine’s gift ideas!

Gifting a framed photo is the perfect present to make your Valentine feel extra special. It shows thought and care whilst evoking memories and emotion.

Our Original Squares and Super Snaps are perfect for that. Why not frame a special photo from a trip and have it hung up in time for the big day? If you don’t have a frame, go check out our sister site, Wall Snaps, to order a highly personalised framed photo or check our blog post for more DIY frame ideas!

Valentine's Framed - Origal Square - Square snaps

Customer photo courtesy of @zaharadessert

A cute, personalised album or scrapbook would be a great idea too – they are easy to keep and perfect to look back on in the many happy years to come :-) Remember that we offer the Pola Pack and Original Pack (each with 100 prints) if you have too many memories to choose from.

You can find amazing photo albums and scrapbooks on Not On The High Street to display your photos in.


Decorate with love!

Pin your love up against the wall and display your memories around the house/flat/cave/treehouse by creating a heart display for all to see!

Polaroid Style decorations - Heart collage- Square Snaps

Customer photo courtesy from @luanadubois

Or what about a ‘LOVE’ collage as a quirky alternative to the heart? This one is guaranteed to catch your eye every time you walk past.

Valentine's Mini Polaroid Style Collage

Customer photo courtesy of @iamawkwardaaron

Balloons are awesome. FULL STOP. Check out how brilliant the surprise display below, using our Black Polaroid Style Snaps. We think that this would make anyone feel special!

Valentine's Black Polaroid Style - Square Snaps

Customer photo courtesy of @jwallace

Get tied up this Valentines by stringing up your Love Snaps on fairy lights make those moments shine!

lovesnaps headerImage 2048x1057

Remember that the most important thing this Valentine’s is to show someone that you care and are thinking about them. Also Jimmy Choos, those are important too, very important!

Happy Valentines Day! ❤️

WallSnaps Valentines Day Mount paterns



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