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Top 6 Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

halloween party decoration ideas

Here at the Square Snaps office, we’re all about arts and crafts (who doesn’t like to spend their day making cute things?!) And as Halloween is fast approaching, we thought we’d round up 6 of our favourite Halloween party decoration ideas so you can have some arts and crafts fun too! Here are our 6 faves!

Halloween Balloons (or Boo-lloons!)

We love this idea because it’s so diverse! You could decorate balloon ghosts, balloon pumpkins, balloon monsters – you get the picture, BALLOONS! You can make these as simple or as complex and exciting as you’d like…use a Sharpie and a stencil to keep it simple or add cut out paper shapes as wings for bats or screws for Frankenstein to make a real show (and heart) stopper! We love the idea of adding Original Squares to the bottom of the strings and using them as invites with each of your guests faces on!

halloween party decoration - halloween balloons

Image from Brit + Co on Pinterest

Halloween Tin Can Bowling

Not only do these make for amazing Halloween party decorations, but they can be used for games too! And all you need are some tin cans and a bit of paint – what could be easier? Just make sure that all sharp edges are sanded down before the painting begins! You can paint your cans however you like – the little black cat is our favourite! Or add a little texture like on this mummy for something extra. Then once you’re done and they’re all dry, pile them up and you’ve got DIY bowling – kids will love it!

Halloween Party Decoration - Tin can bowling

Halloween Food Display

DIY and food? Okay, now we’re talking! We love this idea of adding little notes to your Halloween themed food. After all, the difference between grape monster eyes and olive monster eyes could be, well…monstrous! To make this even cuter (or spookier depending on the design you use) we headed over to Canva to design some simple but effective Halloween food labels. Print them on our Mini Snaps or even Mini Sticky Snaps for awesome additions to your party food table!

Halloween Party Decoration - Decorating your party food table

Image from One Little Project on Pinterest

Halloween party decoration - create your own displays

Hanging Halloween Ghosts

These are so simple to make, and look amazing, especially when you hang lots together! All you need is a plastic bottle, some styrofoam balls, glue, thread and some spare white fabric! Oh, and some googly eyes (or just a pen to draw some on). We love the idea of hanging them from doorways at different heights so that you have to walk through them – spooooooky!

Halloween party decoration - hanging ghost decorations

Image from coco29 on Pinterest

Ghostly Halloween Cupcakes

It wouldn’t be a Square Snaps blog post if we didn’t mention food at least once! To finish off your awesome Halloween party decoration mission, you simply have to have some creepy cupcakes. After all, we’ve already made the creepy cupcake sign for you to use as a display for them! These ghostly cupcake are super simple to make – just use any kind of base you would like and then swirl on your terrifying topping. Add some little chocolate chips or just use piping icing for eyes and a ‘BOO’ shaped mouth and you’re done!

Halloween party decoration - ghost cupcakes

Image from Family Holiday on Pinterest

Halloween Bunting

For an extra personal Halloween party decoration idea, why not try creating some of our Halloween bunting? To make ours, all we used were our Autumn Mini Polas and some scary skeleton fairy lights! Just add your snaps to the space in between the lights with a peg and you can hang these up all over your house for the perfect Halloween party decoration! We personalised ours even more by adding some writing to the bottom with a Sharpie!

halloween party decoration idea - halloween bunting

We hope we haven’t terrified you with our tantalising tricks and treats, and our demon decorations – we’re sure there’s something here for everyone to try out! Or go the whole hog and use all 6 ideas! Don’t forget to tag us on social media @square_snaps so that we can see your creepy creations. And why not use our Pola Pack to print all those amazing memories once the party has passed?! Happy Halloween!

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