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The 6 positivity postcards you need right now

Positivity postcards

Life is undeniably different at the moment. Many of us are in lockdown away from friends and family, desperately awaiting the time we can meet up again! But, there are things we can do to help ourselves and our loved ones feel more positive during this uncertain time…and sending postcards is one of them!

We’ve created 6 positivity postcard templates for you to send to friends, family, or just to keep on your wall and glance at when you’re needing a little inspiration yourself! You can order your own in a few simple steps.

Step One: Use our designs…

We’ve created 6 designs which you can use for super easy positivity postcards – you’re welcome! Simply right-click any of the designs in this blog and you can save it to your desktop ready to upload as a Postcard on our website! Don’t forget you can upload as many different designs as you like!

bee positive picture with bumblebee
hang in there postcard with sloth hanging from branch

Step Two: Or create your own!

If you fancy creating your own positivity postcard designs then you’re in luck – it’s super simple to do! Just head to and get creative. You can use Canva’s templates or start from scratch. Add your own elements (stickers, shapes and sketches), text, and backgrounds. Make it super personal and add a name or date that’s important to the person you’re sending to, or create a more general design you can send to everyone!

Step Three: Upload and order

Once you’ve got your design ready to go, head over to our website to get printing. We’ve sized our designs for use with our Postcard products, but you could shake it up and use Greetings Cards or even Retro Prints if you fancy! 

All you need to do is upload, order, and we’ll send your postcards straight to your door…how easy is that?

stay strong postcard with photo of three women with arms in the air

Step Four: Share the positive postcards love

Once your fabulous prints arrive, they’re ready for that special touch – a handwritten note. Add some extra positive vibes to the back of your postcards and then pop them in the post to your favourite people to share the love…we all need it right now!

plant postcard with lots of plants shown on the front

Psst…you’re 100% allowed to keep some for yourself too! Self-love is totally a thing. 

positivity postcard with teacup on the front

We hope we’ve inspired you to create your own pocket of positivity today, but if you’re in need of a little more inspiration, check out our ‘Top 5 ways to get creative when you’re stuck inside’. Stay safe & stay positive! The Super Snaps Team xo

stay positive rainbow postcard

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