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Scrapbook Projects Ideas

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Since I moved to London, I have been collecting hundreds of images of my beautiful home city of Barcelona and loads more from all the new experiences and places in London.
After my first year in London, I decided that I needed to organize all those moments and memories. Full with moments, people and places that I wanted to keep forever, I really wanted to keep them together in a special way to capture one of the best years of my life. Therefore, I started to put together “My first year in London” scrapbook. I always wanted to make a scrapbook, but I never thought that I could be creative enough to do it. However, it turns out that I am a lot more creative than I thought! Hurray!

Nowadays with all the new technology on tablets and smartphones, we can take millions of amazing photographs, which we can then share on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more…But we usually do not spend any time actually going through those images, remembering and reliving all those memories. Am I right?

That is why I love scrapbooking so much, as it allows you the opportunity to give those past moments the special treatment that they deserved, keeping them forever in a nice and personalized way.

But, hold on… what is Scrapbook actually about?

According to Oxford academy scrapbook, is “A book of blank pages for sticking cuttings, drawings, or pictures in.”

However is much more than that, the scrapbook is a way to organize your memories and keep alive them in the most beautiful way. Scrapbooking also has lots of benefits for you!

Firstly it exercises your memory. While you are creating a scrapbook you would need to recall places and experiences, for example, or people you’ve met during a trip.

Second, it empowers your creativity. There are lot’s of templates and guides that you can use to inspire and help you to create your scrapbook project. Pinterest is great for that.

But finally, it will be you who decides what to add to it and how to create it. This increases a lot of your creativity skills, which can actually help you to become a better problem solver, increase self-awareness and become a money saver! Who knew!?

Scrapbooking can increase self-esteem and sense of accomplishment. Nothing better than the feeling of pride after finishing a Scrapbook project.

Actually, for me, seeing people’s faces when they see what you are capable of doing through your scrapbook is the best feeling in the world! ☺

It can also give you a real sense of relaxation. Scrapbooking is a time that you dedicate to yourself, to do something that you like, whilst you are remembering all those special moments in your life, is so relaxing! It can also be used as a great tool to improve communication skills and teamwork if you are creating them with friends or family.

As there are endless ways of creating a scrapbook project, today we are listing few of our favourite ideas that we have found on Pinterest as a way to start introducing you to the amazing Scrapbooking world:

Your Baby’s First year

Your baby’s first year is an important time that deserves to be celebrated and documented. If you want to keep that “year of firsts” first Bath, first teeth, first  food e.t.c. then this is how!

Scrapbook project: Baby first year|Square Snaps
You can organize all those moments month by month in a cute album or display them on a lovely frame for example.

Wedding Album

On your wedding day everything was so special and unique, your dress, your shoes…so shouldn’t your wedding photos be saved and displayed in a special way too?

Scrapbook project: Wedding album|Square Snaps

Why not use Scrapbooking to show the world your true love story!

Scrapbook project: Love Story |Square Snaps

Or even for saving those special honeymoon  memories!

Scrapbook project: Honey Moon |Square Snaps

Perfect gifts for birthdays and anniversaries

Nothing is more personal and special than a handmade gift. Scrapbooking takes time and effort, but the result, and the smile of the person who receives it definitely makes it worthwhile!

Scrapbook project: birthday and anniversary |Square Snaps

Keep Your Travel Memories

A Scrapbook is a great way to keep and collect all your trip memories, photos, maps even coins or restaurant matchboxes of those amazing places you have visited to help bring it all back and share your experience with others.

Scrapbook project: Travel diaries|Square Snaps

Not only in albums, but frames are a very beautiful and visual too.

There are millions of projects that you can do with Scrapbooking, check our Pinterest board “Scrapbook Projects” for some more inspiration.

Follow Square Snaps’s board Scrapbook Project Ideas – Square Snaps on Pinterest.

I hope you enjoyed the blog post and you start thinking about creating your own scrapbook album. If I could do it, you can do it for sure!

We are going to create a scrapbook guide for beginners very soon. Do you have any requests for that one? Or any advice, tips or hints you want to give me?

If you are a scrapbook fan, we would love to hear from you! Just drop us a comment below.


Images source: Pinterest

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