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Scrapbook Guide for Beginners

Scrapbook Beginners Guide|Square snaps

Today we bring you a Scrapbooking album guide for beginners like myself. After reading lot’s of bloggers, watching a few videos on Youtube and trying my first Scrapbook album I have created the following

Basic Scrapbook Guide for Beginners

Read it and have a try during the weekend as a personal project, the results are totally worth the effort!

1. Brainstorm on a Theme

First of all you need to plan an idea of what will be your scrapbook be about, which theme are you going to pick? Your wedding? Your Summer holidays? Check out some inspirational ideas on scrapbooking projects in our previous blog Scrapbook Projects Ideas .

2. List Of Stories To Tell

So, you have the theme you want, perfect!

Now, in order to organise and optimise your album pages, it’s a good idea to make a list of the little stories you would like to explain. If for example, you are creating your holiday scrapbook album, you could maybe split it by days, or places you visited. Or if your scrapbook album is about your 1st year together, maybe you could organize it with 12 pages, 1 per month together.

Scrapbook guide for beginners| Square Snaps |First year together

3. Photo Selection

Thinking about the stories to tell it’s the key for photo selection. So, if you’re a trying to explain and document your travels, for instance, then I would display 1 or 3 photos of each day per page that represents the story you want to tell. Less is more sometimes!

Scrapbook beginners guide| Square Snaps|Photo size

All our products are great for scrapbooks; the quality and thickness of them would help to create an amazing effect.

If you are thinking about a mini album our mini prints like Mini Polas and Mini Snaps would be great.

If your idea is using a larger A4 plus size either Polaroid Style Snaps  or Original Snaps would fit perfectly.

Actually mixing all of them is a great way to create a really original album. Once you have  had your photos printed and delivered quickly to your door thanks to Square Snaps, you can start planning the album. Keeping in mind how many images you would like to add on each page, you can guess  how much space left you have to add your decorations and comments.

4. Decoration time!

It’s time to get your hands dirty (or glittery) and let the magic happen!

The basic material you would need is:

Scrapbooking Beginners Guide|Square Snaps| Materials

Patterned Papers or Cardstocks: Use background papers and card stocks, with solid-colored plain or textured with patterns, you can relate it to your theme. You can find lot’s of them on Amazon or make your own if you are feeling extra creative.

Scissors and Cutters: There are special ones that help you to cut special shapes and patterns.

Adhesives and washi tapes: I am a washi tape super fan, I love to use different patterns and even write on them.

Glitter, buttons, flowers… and anything you like!

5. Writing

A page title would help to highlight and support the page story or topic. You can use handwriting with nice pens or use stamp letters, sticker letters or even stenciled letters.

Adding text like names, dates, captions, lyrics, quotes, heartfelt letters and such would be an excellent complement to your story.

You can use your desktop to print out the messages with different typographies

Scrapbooking Beginners Guide| Square Snaps| Typography

But if you are more old school and you prefer the magic of handwriting here there is a great article of how to make the most of it!

That’s it! Now you just need to sit down and enjoy your scrapbook creation and share your memories with your friends and family.

If you want to know more about scrapbooking you should visit the blogs below!

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and explain us your experience in the comments section, we would love to hear from you!

Images source: Pinterest

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