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How to create your own motivational quote cards

Happy New Year Super Snappers! 2019 has officially begun and whether you’re feeling the motivation of ‘new year, new me’ or are stuck in a post-Christmas slump, we figured everyone needs a little boost to help them boss their days!

I’m all for Pinterest boards full of motivational quotes or following your favourite motivational people on Instagram, but occasionally it’s nice to have something you can hold in your hand or see as soon as you wake up to get you raring for the day ahead! That’s where our motivational quote card DIY comes in. They’re super simple and look awesome – what are you waiting for?

Step One: Create your motivational quotes

To start off, head to We love Canva here at Super Snaps, because it allows us to create awesome designs that we can then share with the world. Simply login and hit ‘Create a design’ to get started.

You can choose any recommended design, or use custom dimensions – it’s totally up to you! We’re going to print our designs on our Postcard Prints so we’re going to go with a portrait design, but if you’d rather use Square, Retro or Polaroid Prints then opt for a square layout. Once you’ve picked your size, hit ‘Design’ to get started!

You’ll then be taken to Canva’s design page where you can really get customising! Choose from their elements, backgrounds, and add text to create the perfect motivational cards. Here are a few ideas we’ve created:

motivational card ideas - super snaps positive quote card - super snaps

You can even save these images to use if you like – aren’t we kind?

encouraging card diy - super snaps motivational quote - be the sunshine then everything will be bright around you - super snaps

Now you’ve got an idea of the kind of motivational quotes we like, but you can really make these however you like! If you’re more of a visual person you might like to add photographs or more icons for example.

Step 2: Print your positive postcards

Next comes the super easy part. Just head to our site and choose the product you’d like to print. You’ll see your images exactly as they will print on your chosen product on our Creator Page. We’ve opted for our Postcard Prints because we want the colour to go all the way up to the edges of the print without any border!

Step 3: Display your cards

Once you’ve got your cards printed you’re ready to display them so you can nourish yourself with those positive vibes every day! There are a couple of options, but here are a few of our faves:

    1. Attach your cards to string using pegs for motivational bunting. This also works well with our Polaroid Prints
    2. Add your quotes to a frame for the perfect gift
    3. Stick your inspiration cards up on the wall with blu-tack
    4. Add them to a photo stand like these awesome ones made out of wood offcuts
    5. Send them to your favourite people as encouragement cards for friends and family

We hope we’ve given you some handy hints on how to create your own personalised motivation cards. Now go forth and radiate those sunshine vibes! Don’t forget to tag us @wearesupersnaps to spread the sunshine to us too!

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