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12 greeting card designs for every month of the year

Here at Super Snaps we’re all about celebrating and commemorating those special moments in life…from the first day of Spring to that special family Christmas. We’ve used to create a card idea for every month! Now you can order a pack of greeting cards and have one for every occasion!

All you need to do is right-click one of our images, save it and then head over to Super Snaps and upload as one of our cards! What could be easier?Send them to your friends, family and loved ones to share the joy…or keep some to yourself. We won’t tell!

January – Start the year off right!

Many of us decide on a ‘new year, new me’ for January…but we’re pretty sure you’re already fabulous. So, we’re encouraging you to just bee yourself (see what we did there?) Send this card to someone you think is perfect just as they are! Psst…maybe print a copy for yourself too!

February – Sharing the love

February 14th is the day for celebrating love – what could be better than that? Canva had already created this super cute lava design, so all we had to do was choose our colour scheme! Now you’ve got the choice to either download our version or create your very own using Canva too! Our top recommendation for Valentine’s Cards – always be punny.

Psst…if you’re looking for more Valentine’s inspiration, check out our other blog for top tips on how to share the love!

March – Step into Spring

The first day of Spring is always a reason to celebrate – the sunshine is on its way (well, we hope anyway)! Send this card to your favourite people to let them know you think they’re blooming awesome.

Psst…don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten it’s Mother’s Day in March in the UK! Keep reading for a card your Mum is sure to love…

April – Get eggcited for Easter

Easter is one of our favourite holidays! We get to spend time with family and friends and it involves chocolate – need we say more? It’s also the perfect time to crack out some eggcelent puns. You’re welcome.

May – Send your Mum some love

Although Mother’s Day is in March in the UK, elsewhere it’s often celebrated on the second Sunday in May. We wanted to give you a card option for the first day of Spring too, so we’ve dedicated May to the perfect card to send your Mum!

Don’t forget you can upload your own photos straight to our website to order as cards – why not print your favourite photo with your Mum (or even her favourite photo of you!) for a card that’s truly personal?

June – Focus on Father’s Day

They bring us Dad dancing and Dad jokes…and life wouldn’t be the same without those! Send this to a Dad who’s a total classic to let him know you’re thinking of him this Father’s Day!

July – Happy Independence Day!

One for our customers in the US, this card can be sent to all your friends and family who are celebrating Independence Day! As well as sending this design as a greeting card, how about creating your own version and using it as bunting too?

August – Get snappy for World Photo Day!

The 19th of August marks World Photo Day, and as a photo printing company of course we had to include it – it’s one of our faves! Take this day to get creative with your photography…go on a walk to your favourite place, snap the cutest picture of your pet or just get some candid shots of your family! Either way, don’t forget to print them off and display them in all their glory. We’ve even got some tips on how to display your snaps – you’re welcome!

Our Polaroid Prints are always super popular but if you’re interested in how they came about in the first place, why not do some research on Polaroid cameras through the ages?

September – Time to get cosy

One of our favourite seasons, Autumn is all about kicking up the falling leaves, and then snuggling down and getting cosy. Whether you take up scrapbooking or start making your own card designs like the one we’ve created for you here, it’s the perfect time to grab a hot chocolate and let your creativity run wild! It’s getting chillier out there after all!

If you’re looking for more inspiration to keep you occupied, check out our guide on how to get creative when you’re stuck inside.

October – The spook special

Whether you’re throwing a party or taking the kids trick-or-treating, our spoooky (but cute) ghost greeting card is sure to add even more fun to your Halloween! Who doesn’t love to booogie?

BOO! If you’re looking for even more Halloween inspiration, we’ve got a whole collection for that!

November – Giving thanks for you

Inspired by the dessert that seems to be synonymous with Thanksgiving, sometimes you just need to let your loved ones know you think they’re as sweet as a pumpkin pie…preferably while you’re also eating one.

December – the most wonderful time of the year

Let’s be honest, we definitely start counting down the days to Christmas as soon as Fireworks night is over! However, December marks the true start of the Christmas countdown. Once you’ve got your Christmas gifts sorted (with the help of Super Snaps of course) it’s finally time for Christmas to begin…

We hope you’ve enjoyed our cards for every month of the year – we definitely enjoyed creating them! Now all you need to do is upload them as one of our Greeting Card or Postcard products and we’ll ship them straight to your door!

Don’t forget to share any amazing card designs you create yourself with us @wearesupersnaps – you’re our inspiration!

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