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DIY Travel Scrapbook

diy travel scrapbook - the finished product

Travel memories feel like they will last forever. But just to make extra sure they do, we’ve got some tips and tricks for how to create your own awesome travel scrapbook – to allow you to keep those memories alive even after the smell of suntan lotion has disappeared.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your favourite travel photo prints, courtesy of Super Snaps of course!
  • Other memory-evoking additions – think train tickets, coins etc.
  • A scrapbook/sketchbook/notepad
  • Washi tape
  • Pens
  • Glue or double-sided sticky tape

diy travel scrapbook - what you need

Now that you’ve gathered together all your favourite memories and are armed with everything you need to begin, here’s how to create your own DIY travel scrapbook!

Revisit those good times

This is our absolute favourite part – looking back over all your travel photos and choosing which ones to print. Once you’ve decided photos you want to feature in your travel scrapbook, it couldn’t be easier to print them with us! When creating a personalised scrapbook, we like to use snaps of all different sizes and colours…from our Mini Pastel Retros to our Big Black Squares! Or, if you really want to make your travel photos stand out from the crowd, why not try our Spectrum Retros? You won’t find them anywhere else!

diy travel scrapbook - print your photos


Got more than a few memories to print? Go wild with our 100 Retro Pack – 100 Retro Prints for just £25.99.

Make your travel scrapbook awesome on the outside too!

Once you’ve chosen the scrapbook that you’re going to use to hold all your travel memories, start by covering the outside! With our Mini Sticky Snaps it couldn’t be easier – just choose your photos and stick them on. You can stick these inside too but we loved the effect of having our snaps all over our book – inside and out!

Feeling sophisticated? Our Black Mini Sticky Snaps might just be the ones for you!

diy travel scrapbook - decorate your notebook

Washi tape time!

Our favourite way to stick in all our travel memories? Washi tape of course! You can get all different colours and patterns so have a shop around and choose a few different types – maybe a different pattern for each country you’ve visited?

diy photo scrapbook - washi tape in your photos

Stick some more!

As well as adding amazing travel photos, we included some extra little touches to our scrapbook. Tickets for trains, planes, and events that you’ve been to while you’ve been in different countries are all great things to stick in and make your memories complete. And, if you have things which are a little too heavy to be stuck in with washi tape (like coins!) then double-sided sticky tape works well for this too!

diy travel scrapbook - stick in your memories

Decorate, decorate, decorate

Once you’ve added in all your snaps it’s time to decorate your pages! Add dates, locations or just little notes about your favourite food or place that you visited there! We like to add personal quotes or in-jokes if you’re making the travel scrapbook as a gift for a friend too!

diy travel scrapbook - decorate your scrapbook

Tip: if you want to write on your snaps, we’d recommend a Sharpie or another kind of permanent pen those notes as permanent as the memories! Or, if you’re using Retro Prints you can add your text before they’re printed!

…And there you have it! Your own beautiful travel scrapbook – perfect for keeping hold of all those once in a lifetime travel photos! Whether you’re creating it as a gift for a friend or a gift for yourself (because, hey, you deserve it) don’t forget to share with us @square_snaps! Unless it’s a surprise in which case don’t!

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