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DIY Photo Hanging Display

Here at Square Snaps HQ we love a bit photo DIY! So, whether you want to give an individual edge to your room, or you’re just looking for a for a rainy day arts and crafts project, our DIY Photo Hanging Display has something for everyone. And, it’s super easy – what’s not to love?

You will need:

  • Your favourite snaps!
  • A pole – this can be any length, depending on the number of rows of snaps you want to add
  • Some string – you can colour co-ordinate with your snaps!
  • Some tape – we used washi tape for a more finished effect in case your snaps spin around on their string
  • Some wrapping paper or wallpaper
  • Some cardboard
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • A ruler

DIY Photo hanger - Materials | Square Snaps

Now that you’ve got all your materials together, here are our 7 easy steps!

1. Photo Prints

Choose your favourite snaps, and print them as our Original Squares (you can use other snaps too, like our Mini Snapswe just liked the effect of the squares!) Little tip: Did you know we sell 100 print packs? Why not get 100 and you can change your snaps whenever you like! That way you can have fresh memories or inspirational quotes whenever you feel like a change and there will always be something new to look at!

DIY Photo Wall Hang - Square Prints| Square Snaps

2. Washi Tape time!

Using the washi tape, stick your snaps to the string – this way you can choose the position of your snaps before committing to cutting the string! If you’re planning on hanging your display in the middle of your room as a kind of photo mobile, you can also use double sided tape and stick your snaps back to back so that you have pretty pictures even if your string decides to spin around!

DIY Photo Hanger - Washi tape| Square Snaps

3. Wrapping!

Once you’ve got your photos all stuck on, it’s time to tidy up the end of your string. Choose your favourite wrapping paper or wallpaper to cut out a shape – we like the effect of a diamond or triangle but any shape will work for this! Tip: draw on your shape using pencil and a ruler first to ensure straight lines! Then, cut out the same shape on some cardboard and stick the paper to it – this will make sure that the edges don’t curl! 

DIY Photo Hanger - Square Prints| Square Snaps

Alternative idea: stick your paper on the back of one of our snaps. That way your display will look great even if the string spins!

DIY Photo Hanger - Square Prints| Square Snaps

4. Throw some shapes

Attach your cut out shapes to the bottom of your string…this will make sure there are no frayed ends and will add even more personality to your display.

5. Let’s hang out

With the pole held horizontally, attach the string with the photos on it to the pole so that your photos hang down vertically. You can choose how you want to attach your string – we tied it at the top but you could also use glue or…more washi-tape!

DIY Photo Hanger - Square Prints| Square Snaps

6. Hang that string

Then you’ll also need to attach some string to both ends of the pole to allow you to hang your display. You can make this as long or as short as you like, depending on how you want your display to hang. We’d recommend also adding a tiny bit of super glue to your knots just to ensure that they stay with no problems!

7. Voila!

Step back and admire your work! :)

DIY Photo Hanger - Square Prints| Square Snaps

So there we have it – in just 7 easy steps (6 if you don’t include admiring your work) you’ve got a beautiful hanging photo display which will make you the envy of all your friends…until you show them how easy it is to make their own! We love how versatile this display can be – by just changing the colour poles, string and paper you use, you can completely transform your design! The black and pink version is super cool and would look amazing in any house or even a student dorm.

DIY Photo Hanger - Square Prints| Square Snaps

This display is a little more neutral, and we think that again it could work in any setting! We think this one would be a perfect gift to create for Mother’s Day…which is just around the corner for all you US snappers, or as a fun craft activity to do with your little one! So don’t delay – get your snaps today! 


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