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DIY Metallic Photo Hanging Display

As you guys have probably heard by now (because eek, we’ve been so excited over on Instagram…and Facebook, this week we have launched our brand new Premium range of Polas! With all these fabulous new products flying around we were feeling oh so creative, so we took our DIY Photo Hanging Display idea and gave it a brand new, super shiny twist! We are very happy to present…our Metallic Photo Hanging Display.

Here’s a lovely little list of ingredients that you’ll need to create your own:

    • Wire – Ours was 1mm in diameter, and approximately 2m in length. 
    • Some cotton – Like the wire this will depend on how many sections you want your display to have and, really, how long is a piece of string?! You can again use any colour you would like!
    • Scissors – to cut your cotton!
    • Wire cutters – we’re sure you can guess what these are for.
    • Your snaps – we used our oh-my-goodness-amazing new Spectrum Pola Snaps. You’re never gonna get bored of this display.
    • Bulldog clips – to clip your snaps on!
    • Pen – to (very cleverly) make your wire into little circles ready for your string to hang through.

photo hanging display - what you need


Now that you’re ready to start, here’s how to make your own in 9 simple steps:

Start snipping!

photo hanging display step 1 cutting your string

First you will need to measure and cut your string. As we mentioned above, you can have your string as long or as short as you want depending on how you want your photos to hang. We used different lengths to change this up a bit and so that our snaps didn’t get tangled together! Next, measure and cut your wire too. The same rules apply here – if you make this longer then your snaps will hang further apart. We used bronze wire to make our display super on-trend but silver or gold would work perfectly too, especially with our (also new!) Silver or Gold Polaroid Style Snaps

photo hanging display step 1 measuring your wire

photo hanging display step 1 cutting the wire



In roughly the middle of your wire, take your pen and twist the wire around it to make a full circle – this is where you will attach the string to hang your display. Then, make similar loops at either end of your wire…your photos will hang from here!

photo hanging display step 2 making loops in your wire


Get thread-y

Take your string and thread one end through one of the handles of the bulldog clip. Are they called handles? Well, you get what we mean. Then thread the end of the string through the loop that you’ve made on one of the ends of your wire and tie so that your bulldog clip hangs on the string.

photo hanging display step 3 threading your string


Back to back snaps

Take two snaps, and put them back to back, then clip them into the bulldog clip. This will mean that whichever way your display spins, you will be able to see your beautiful photos! If you want to use smaller snaps like our Mini Snaps or Mini Polas then you can get even tinier bulldog clips or pegs!

photo hanging display step 4 attaching your photos

Go again!

Repeat these steps, making as many branches of your display as you want! Go on, go crazy!

Branch off

Now you need to attach your branches to something. We chose a rustic coat hanger, but you could also use some seaside driftwood, garden cane or just simply blu-tack or tape them to your ceiling! All you need to do is take some more cotton, thread it through the middle loop of your wire and tie it so it is secure.

photo hanging display - the finished product

Dun dun dun (you’re done done done)

Voila, how easy was that? A few simple steps and you’ve got your own awesome metallic photo hanging display! And, it’s super shiny – like a unicorn has run into the room and left a trail of magic in its wake! We love how they shine when the sun hits them too – disco time!


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