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Desk decor ideas to inspire you!

Desk decor ideas - add photos to your desk space

Finishing up your dissertation? Cramming for exams? Trying to meet that work deadline? Whatever’s keeping you chained to your desk, these desk decor ideas will make you want to stay there…well, maybe just for a little longer anyway. So order your photos with us and get ready to start some cute office decor!

Pssst…for more information about how to create the best photo prints (before you start your order) check out our blog series! You can find the first of three installments here!


Desk decor idea 1 – Create a wall collage

Our first fab idea for your desk decor is to create a wall collage. To do this, just order your favourite photos and get ready to start sticking. We used all the awesome features of our site to add tons of colour to our space! Check out our Custom Photo Prints and add pretty coloured borders to all our sizes of Photo Prints, or even try adding text AND colour to your borders with our Custom Retro Prints.

Desk decor idea - make a wall collage of photos

You can stick your snaps straight onto your wall with some washi tape (we’re big washi tape fans at Super Snaps HQ!) Or…if you want to make a wall collage which you can move around for different study table designs, why not add your snaps to a cork board or create photo bunting? We’ve got a handy blog on how to create your own cork board with your snaps here!

Desk decor ideas - create a cork board with photos

Desk decor idea 2 – Add your snaps to photo holders

For another desk decor idea which you can move around your house (or to another cubicle if you’re working on your office decor) why not add your photos to photo holders? We’ve used our Little Photo Prints and our Custom Retro Prints – how cute does the white confetti pattern look on our Custom Retro Prints in the Mini size?! They make the perfect cubicle accessories! And…if you want to switch up those memories more frequently, why not order our 100 Little Prints? They make your snaps even better value!

Desk decor ideas - add your photos to photo holders

Desk decor idea 3 – Use your snaps in your work

So our third and final idea isn’t so much for your office decor…but you can use your snaps IN your work. Create one of our Mini Retro Photo Scrapbooks as a supplement for your dissertation, or as an easy way to finish your photography or art coursework! Or, use our Standard Photo Prints and create a photo album of your ideas!

Desk decor ideas - Add your photo to your coursework

Put it all together, and what have you got…? Ta-dah! An awesome work or home desk set-up!

Desk decor ideas - the final desk

Don’t forget to share photos of your own desks featuring our snaps by tagging us @wearesupersnaps!

*Top tip: Also always make sure you have a puppy photo nearby. Everyone needs one of those*

Desk decor ideas - two pug puppies


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