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How To Create A DIY Valentine’s Photo Scrapbook

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Picking a Valentine’s gift for your loved one can be a tricky task. But never fear! Our new Mini Retro Photo Scrapbook is the the perfect Valentine’s gift idea, so you can stop stressing about the present and concentrate on having a love-ly day…(sorry, we had to!)

Here’s what you’ll need to get started on your oh-so-thoughtful gift!

  • Our Mini Retro Photo Scrapbook. Our scrapbook is a gorgeous 40 page spiral bound brown A5 scrapbook, and comes with 80 of our popular Mini Retros…enough for two per page!
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Momentos and little memories you’ve collected together
  • Paper/wrapping paper
  • Washi tape/glue

Optional extras:

  • Other awesome snaps if you want a bit of variety…you can never have too many!
  • Ribbon
  • Confetti and other fun things! We reckon if it’s colourful we can find a place for it.

DIY Valentine's Photo Scrapbook what you will need image

Now that you’ve got all of your items assembled you’re ready to start on your DIY photo scrapbook. We’ve even made this a step-by-step guide…could it be any simpler? We think not.

Step one – Print your photos!

The first thing you’ll need to do to get started is head over to Super Snaps and order your Mini Retro Photo Scrapbook! Upload all the amazing memories you’ve made with your partner and then…onto step two!

DIY Valentines Photo Scrapbook - add your photos

Step two – Make it personal!

Did you know that we’ve got a brand new feature? Yep, you can add text to your Retro Prints! Once you’ve uploaded your photos, click the ‘Optional text’ box to add in a personal message for your loved one. We like the idea of adding information about the dates and places you’ve been together to keep the memories alive!

DIY Valentines photo scrapbook - edit your photos

You can even edit the font style and colour of your text. Pick from our pre-set colours or use the colour wheel to choose the perfect shade!

DIY Valentine's Photo Scrapbook - add text to your photos

Step three – Fill your photo book, and fill it some more!

Now that you’ve printed all of your snaps, you can fill up your photo book! We’ve included 80 Mini Retros with our Mini Retro Photo Scrapbook, but you can always add more! We added a bit of extra personality to our Valentine’s scrapbook by including some of our Custom Retro Prints too.

DIY Valentine's photo scrapbook - choose your photos

Step four – Think outside the box

It doesn’t have to only be photos which you’re adding in…you could also add tickets from trips you’ve been on together or little bits of coloured confetti to add an extra DIY scrapbook feel!

DIY Valentine's Photo Scrapbook - add tickets and other memories

Step five – Decorate the front of your photo scrapbook

The saying may go that it’s what’s inside that counts, but you still want your Valentine’s scrapbook to look awesome to the outside! Choose your favourite print to add to the front of your photo book, or maybe even select a couple. Then stick them on with glue or washi tape.

DIY Valentine's Photo Scrapbook - decorate the front of your scrapbook

Step 6 – Add a personal note

To finish, add a personal message to your scrapbook! You could write this inside the front cover, or alternatively add it at the back to finish your book off nicely!

DIY Valentine's Photo Scrapbook - add a message to your loved one

Step 7 – The finishing touches

To tie our photo book off (literally!) we added a ribbon to the binding – isn’t it love-ly!?

DIY Valentine's photo scrapbook - add a ribbon to the binding

So there we have it – the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day gift. What are you waiting for? Order your snaps now! And don’t forget to tag us @wearesupersnaps so that we can see all your awesome creations this Valentine’s Day!

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