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How to create your own DIY Inspiration Board

polaroid style photo diy inspiration board

Creating a DIY inspiration board is any easy way to figure out what interests and inspires you…whilst also looking super cool! With the rise of Pinterest as a tool, it seems easy to collect inspiration from everywhere, but we like the idea of taking this offline and having a place that you can visualise your ideas as you work! (Or as you watch tv, hang out with friends, eat dinner…Basically, inspiration is a good thing – you can never have too much!)
With that in mind, we’ve created our very own inspiration board and come up with some handy hints on how to make one for yourself!

You will need:

  • Things that inspire you – your favourite photos (stacks and stacks of Square Snaps!), quotes, magazine cuttings
  • A board to pin or tape your inspirational content to
  • Pins, pegs, or washi tape – or all of them!
  • A permanent pen – for any little doodles or notes
  • Ribbon (optional) – for extra decoration
  • String (optional) – to peg up even more stuff!

diy inspiration board - tools you need

Now that you’ve assembled your tools, here’s how to get started with your own DIY Inspiration Board!

Get inspired!

Have a digital clear out – take some time and look through the photos that you’ve got stored up on your phone and computer and see what jumps out at you. If you’re anything like us you’ll have photos of amazing happy memories that you’d almost forgotten. Don’t let yourself forget again – if it makes you smile then why wouldn’t you want to see it every day? Choose all the photos that make you feel happiest. Then, get these all printed out…they will be the foundation of your Inspiration Board.

diy inspiration board - choose your photos

As well as photos that made us happy, we chose our favourite inspirational quotes and (using turned these into cute little printable pictures. Then we printed these out too! You could also print screenshots that you’ve saved of things you want to make or do…we’re thinking cakes, cakes and more cakes. And unicorns. And cakes.

diy inspiration board - add inspirational quotes

Optional step: We used permanent pen to write on some of our snaps for even more personalisation!

diy inspiration board - write on your photos

Pin, peg and stick!

The way that you add your inspirational content will depend partly on the board that you use. We used cork which is very versatile – you can pin or stick things to it! Start by pinning or sticking your photos on, and then you can add to this. After we stuck on our photos we decided that enough wasn’t enough…so we added some string and pegged even more snaps on!

diy inspiration board - peg on your photos


Decorate your board!

If you want to add a little extra touch (which we did – even more crafty fun!) then you can also decorate the edges of your board. We used washi tape and ribbon to add in extra colour and textures.

diy inspiration board - decorate your board

Add, add, add

The great thing about these boards is that they don’t have to be finished all at once. You can take your time and add to your board whenever you see something that inspires you. Tear things out of magazines and newspapers when they catch your eye…you’ll be running out of space and needing to make a new one in no time!

diy inspiration board - pin on your snaps

What are you waiting for? Get sorting through your favourite snaps and order now! Don’t forget to share your own DIY Inspiration Board with us on Instagram @square_snaps too!

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