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How To Create The Best Photo Prints On Our App – Part 3

super snaps app ios - how to add text to photos

Welcome to the third part of our blog series on how to create the most awesome photo prints using our app! The question we get asked most is ‘can I add text to my prints?’ and the answer is YES – depending on the product! You can add captions to any of our Retro or Polaroid Print products…from authentic Classic Polaroid Prints to our Pic N Mix Retro Prints which you can customise with tons of colours and patterns! Here’s how…

How to…add text to Retro and Polaroid Prints

As usual, start by choosing your Retro Print or Polaroid Print product and selecting your photos. Once you’ve chosen all your snaps, you’re ready to add text! Start by tapping the photo you want to add text to, and you will see the photo editor appear. If you can add text to a print you will see ‘Add a caption!’ on the bottom border of the print. Simply tap this and you can then begin typing in your caption!

How to…change font

Once you’ve added text to your print, you can change the font of this. To change your font, tap the font selector button (which looks like a capital and small a – Aa). You’ll see all of our font styles appear in the banner below your photo – just tap the font you wish to use and you’ll see your text change style.

Scroll along to see more fonts, and try them all out and find your fave! If you wish to apply the same font style to all prints, select your font and then hit ‘Apply to all’. A warning will then show up to check you wish to make this change. If you do, hit ‘Apply to all’ again and this will be applied. If not, tap ‘Cancel’. You can still change the font style of individual prints once you’ve hit ‘Apply to all’.


How to…change font colour

Now that you’ve chosen your font you can change the colour! Just tap the font colour button – this looks like a capital ‘A’ with a raindrop next to it. You will then see a number of colour options appear. Font colour will be automatically set at our default grey, but you will also see a number of preset colours listed – scroll along to see more!

Or…if you’re feeling adventurous hit our colour picker (the rainbow-filled circle) and you will see a pop up rainbow of colours appear. Tap anywhere to select a colour, and move your finger around the spectrum until you find your perfect shade!

To store a colour to your pre-set palette border at the bottom, simply tap on the circle which is showing your selected colour. You can then apply this to other prints – perfect if you’re using our 200 Original Retros pack!

To apply a font colour to all prints with text, tap ‘Apply to all’ – a warning will then show up to check you wish to make this change. If you do, hit ‘Apply to all’ again and this will be applied. If not, tap ‘Cancel’.

Now you’ve added awesome text to your prints we’re ready to move on to border customisation…check out our next blog to find out more!


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