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How to create the best photo prints online – part two of three!

How to create the best photo prints online - featured image

Welcome to the second part of our three-part blog post bonanza on how to create the best photo prints online! If you didn’t see yesterday’s post you can click here to head back and check it out! Today *drum roll please* we are going to focus on a feature which you guys have been asking us for for a little while. Well, we listened, and you can now add text to your Retro Prints! Keep reading to find out how…


How to…add text

You can add text to any of our Retro Prints – whether you’re choosing pretty Pastel Retro Snaps or going for classic white Retro Snaps! To add text to your snaps, first you need to upload your photos! Then, in our Creator page, click into the ‘Optional Text’ box at the bottom of your print. It will look like this…

How to create the best photo prints online - add text to your photos

You can click into individual snaps to add different text to each one, or if you want to add the same text to all your photos hit the ‘Select All’ button in the top right-hand corner of our creator. That way, when you type into any of the ‘Optional Text’ boxes your message will be added to every image – how exciting!

Note: Selected snaps will have a green glow around them, so you can easily tell which photo you’re adding your text to!

Tip: Selected all photos but don’t want to add ‘MAGALUF 2016’ to that nice photo of you with Nan? No problemo – just hit ‘Deselect All’ and you’re free to change your text on individual snaps again!

We’ve added ‘Class of 2016’ to all the graduation photos and ‘CUTEST DOG EVER’ to, you guessed it, the cutest dog ever. We figured he’s not going to be graduating anytime soon.

How to create the best photo prints online - change your text


How to…change your font

Yep, there’s more…you can change the font on your snaps! Just click on the photo you want to change the font of and select your font style under the TEXT OPTIONS tab. Or again you can use ‘Select All’ to apply the change to all photos!

How to create the best photo prints online - Change the colour of your text

We think the cutest dog ever looks even cuter using our FF Market font!


How to…change your font colour

Not only can you change the font, you can change the colour of it too! Just hit ‘Colour’ under the TEXT OPTIONS module to change your font colour. If you need a little inspiration, we’ve got preset colours…

How to create the best photo prints online - change your font colours

AND, as if that wasn’t enough choice, we’ve got an entire colour wheel of colours…so there’s no way you won’t be able to find the perfect shade! Just click on the awesome rainbow coloured tile and the colour wheel will appear, like this…

How to create the best photo prints online - Change your colour font

Please note that if you’re uploading from your mobile or tablet we don’t have the option of choosing your text colour from our colour wheel…our squirrels were finding it too difficult to opt for the perfect green on such a small device! We still have our preset colours though, so there’s plenty to choose from!

After reading today’s blog we’re sure you’re well on the way to creating the best photo prints online…but don’t forget to check back tomorrow for even more fun hints and tips! Or, if you can’t wait that long then start your order now!

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